The Crimes That Bind



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chattopadhyaysabyasachi6 10 / 10 / 10

Oscar worthy

It is a kind of movie which after watching, you will have a good feeling. Story , acting of Cecelia Roth and rest of the actors and magnificent direction of Sebastian schindel are the key factors of this Oscar worthy movie . I shall be surprised if it doesn't get nominated for the best foreign film and the beat picture categories for this year .

Reviewed by faer_kr 9 / 10 / 10


An Argentine drama based on real events. It is about two trials, the first of a domestic worker who kills her child at birth, the second of an unfulfilled leave of absence, both stories have to do with the same woman. Entertaining Quality. How far would you be able to defend your son even if you are in error? Although some moments you already intuit in the development of the film, they fall like cold water when they are revealed. He talks a lot about violence against women, sexual harassment and abuse, injustices and the love that blinds a mother when defending her son. The confessions of the court give you elements to create your own conclusions on moral issues. The main character that is the mother is the one who takes the film and although at times you do not feel empathy for her, you stay to see her until the end. The script is extraordinary and successful. An Argentine film that really achieves what it wants to convey. Safety pin.

Reviewed by profesorsaravi 9 / 10 / 10

Really touching

My wife and I watched this movie without great expectation. However, we were really surprised by the plot, from the start until the last stunning revelation. As Argentinians, we found all the set up quite realistic. All actors are very good and their performances were remarkably adequate. The story may be small, but this is a great movie. Actually, the best Argentine movie of the few last years, in our opinion.

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