The Crying Dead


Adventure / Horror / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jmbwithcats 3 / 10 / 10

Potential Unrealized

There are some moments near the end that could have been really scary, but they don't pull them off well which is really too bad because they set them up well and fail to follow through. The movie isn't terrible, but hugely disappointing. Example: When the guy and the girl get cut off at the top of the stairs, and she turns around with the camera, they could have made that scene really terrifying, but instead opt to have it almost all unseen, and it lacks punch, like the rest of the scares, there's no punch, so I felt let down by the build up. I think if they could have had a bit more intelligent twists in the story, it could have been real good, instead it's a very poor, mediocre film. The sound effects sounded ripped off from World of Warcraft too. Such as when you die in WOW, I swear they used that for this movie. Ultimately it could have been great, but instead I can't recommend it. Pretty lazy effort.

Reviewed by ham_diaz 10 / 10 / 10

Not worth the wait at all!!!!

I just had to review this movie. I was one of those foot footage, stuck in an old haunted hospital, fans who has been waiting forever to see this. I waited while grave encounters comes and goes. Then grave encounters 2, then several movies just like GE, even one directed by Oliver Stones son. In my opinion GE is and probably always will be #1 on the list. Now back to back to this mess of a movie. The editing is bad, the acting for the most part is bad and the story is very rushed and doesn't allow you to connect with anyone. Most of these movies will either start out slow others start out with a bang but in most cases will move in some kind of direction and allow you to somewhat connect with an actor or actress. This one however is all over the place. OK, we are led to believe they are shooting a pilot or sample for a TV series, but it just doesn't seem realistic. It just comes across and a bunch of kids with too much time on their hands wondering around an abandoned building with camcorders. To top that off it may have a jump or 2 but overall its not very scary at all. The CG was amateurish and unnecessary and the main "ghosts" of the movie were really not scary. All in all 2 thumbs down and for the amount of time they had to re-do it they could have done a lot better! SAD SO SAD!

Reviewed by brent-tulley 10 / 10 / 10

Great film for a "found footage" movie

I was able to attend a Los Angeles screening of this film and was pleasantly surprised. I find these style films entertaining but at the same time, never expect too much from them. Usually they're comprised of bad acting with some cool effects. Still entertaining but poor acting and story lines. This one however had the best of both worlds. The acting was actually very good, it was a cool concept, and the gags were very creepy. The down time was palpable because of the actors involved. I'm one of the few who really enjoy these kind of films and I think this another great addition to the genre. If you want huge budget, A-List actors and crazy camera shots, this film isn't for you. But, if you want an entertaining found footage movie, here you go.

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