The Cutting Edge


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D.B. Sweeney as Tommy
Michael Hogan as Billy
Moira Kelly as Darcy Kersjes
Terry O'Quinn as Casey Keddington
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ray-280 10 / 10 / 10


Take a handsome young ex-hockey star who could never do much other than skate, a prima-donna figure-skater who finds fault with every world-class partner thrown her way and laughs at said ex-hockey star, and an obligatory crazy-genius Soviet expatriate, send them all after Olympic glory, and you have The Cutting Edge. Lead characters Doug Dorsey (D.B. Sweeney) and Kate Moseley (Moira Kelly) are star-crossed skaters: an eye injury at the Olympics ruined Doug's hockey career, while an ill-timed fall in the pairs figure skating finals leaves Kate's destiny unfulfilled. Coach Anton Pamchenko (Roy Dotrice) fishes Dorsey out of a construction site and transplants him to the Moseley estate in Greenwich. The fish-out-of-water concept was not as blatant as Pauly Shore's movies, but it was definitely there. The stereotypical supporting cast did its job: Terry O'Quinn is the wealthy, doting father who is either obsessed with an Olympic medal for his daughter, or obsessed with his daughter who happens to want an Olympic medal (the movie never really makes clear which), while snobby fiancé Hale Forrest (Dwier Brown) is forgettable yet necessary to the plot, as is Walter Dorsey (Chris Benson), Doug's stereotypical nuts-and-bolts, slightly homophobic and very skeptical brother. With Breakfast Club-like cost-efficiency, the film sticks to the dialogue between the few main characters, who are on screen for the large majority of the film. The questions are timeless: will Kate marry her snobby fiancé or will passion erupt from the love-hate relationship with her skating partner? Will they overcome the judging bias against ex-hockey players and win gold? Will Kate loosen up? Will Doug gain some culture and refinement? One could say that this film is predictable, but that is a good thing. Films like The Cutting Edge lose very little even if you've heard the story told a hundred times in a dozen ways. Suspense is not the goal here; romance is, and this film serves up more of it than almost every media-hyped "blockbuster" I've ever seen.

Reviewed by A_Different_Drummer 10 / 10 / 10

Often Imitated, Never Duplicated, PERFECT love story..

I have lost count of the number of times I have seen this. It is extraordinary in every way, and that is IN SPITE OF the fact that it appears to have been done as a B-movie on a limited budget and with limited expectations. First the story. A bratty young girl raised by her domineering father to win a medal in skating. Nothing new there. But add to the mix the idea that she needs a last-minute partner because she has burned through all the ready talent, and the best candidate appears to be an ex-hockey skater who can no longer play .. and now it starts to get interesting. Then factor in some of the best on-screen chemistry in recent memory ... and presto, before you can say JACK ROBINSON, we are suddenly in the big leagues in spite of the small budget. One of the tightest scripts ever, with a double climax at the end. (To this day, every skating teacher and skating student will break out laughing when you say "toepick" with that certain special intonation.) Moira Kelly and D.B. Sweeny give the performances of their lives yet, ASTONISHINGLY, don't even seem to realize it. (They were young and probably thought that bigger and better parts were ahead of them -- but history will show that, unfortunately, did not happen). Succeeds on so many levels -- as a sports story, as story of personal redemption, and absolutely kills as a love story. More recently the Disney people, realizing that they had overlooked this gem, tried to monetize it with some belated sequels, but lightening seldom strikes twice. A one of a kind guilty pleasure, iconic, capable of being watched over and over, a film that never gets old, and never fails to capture the imagination or steal your heart. A perfect "10." ------------------------------------------------------------ Update Oct 14: The good news is that Disney has grudgingly acknowledged just how good this film is by creating a franchise. Of sorts. The bad news is that, while entry #2 and #3 are OK (but still a pale imitation of the original), #4 is barely watchable at all. Out of curiosity this writer found a copy of the original and re-watched. No, all those who gave this a perfect "10" were not crazy. On re-watching, the tightness of the script, with many clever double-entendres, shines; as does Kelly's ability to deliver some of the best reaction shots in the history of the medium. Chemistry to spare.

Reviewed by staceym 10 / 10 / 10

A Nod to the Rom/Coms of YesterYear

The Cutting Edge is a classic movie and one which I never get tired of watching. The chemistry between Moira Kelly and D.B. Sweeney really sells this picture, even before you see the impressive scenery and fantastic skating sequences. The script is filled with quotable gems, (It's not like his nose was perfect) and what could be a fairly thin story (that, OK, has been done before) is lifted firmly out of the cliche zone by first class direction, a thumping early 90's pop soundtrack and breathtaking choreography. I can't fault this movie - it's one of my top five - and would recommend it as a family favourite. This movie gets a very enthusiastic 10/10 from me.

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