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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gridoon 5 / 10 / 10

Disappointing Andy Sidaris fare

"The Dallas Connection" delivers the expected breasts, travelogue footage, explosions, and even some legitimate plot twists, but it has too many drawn-out non-action sequences, probably the result of Andy Sidaris & son Christian stretching the film to make it reach the 90-minute mark. As the female lead, Sam Phillips is a poor replacement for Suzi Simpson (not to mention Dona Speir). Suzi did a very good job in "Enemy Gold", and I wonder why Sidaris didn't cast her again. Sam is portrayed as useless in the action scenes. She is easily controlled by an unarmed man, while in "Enemy Gold" Suzi easily disarmed an armed man in about 3 seconds - see the difference? Julie K. Smith and Wendy Hamilton (a stunningly beautiful woman) do about 95% stripping and 5% action. Julie Strain is fine as long as she doesn't have to speak - when she does, the illusion is ruined. In terms of the female action quotient, this is probably Sidaris' most disappointing film since "Malibu Express". (**)

Reviewed by Woodyanders 9 / 10 / 10

More tacky fun from the Sidaris clan

It's impossible to dislike any late-night cable TV fare that immediately gets down to trashy business with a kinky bondage-themed sex'n'kill set piece that's obviously lifted from "Basic Instinct." Of course, this being a movie from Andy Sidaris and his son Christian we also get the usual copious amount of yummy female nudity, funky gadgets, sizzling soft-core sex scenes, exotic across the globe locations, an amusing sense of goofy humor, and big splashy explosions. Oh yeah -- and there's a plot to go along with all this stuff. A team of assassins lead by the lethal, yet alluring Black Widow (the divinely buxom and leggy Julie Strain in peak wicked form) are determined to kill scientist Antonio Morales (a solid performance by Sidaris film regular Rodrigo Obregon), who has a computer chip for a new top security satellite. A trio of agents -- Chris Cannon (amiable Bruce Penhall), Mark Austin (the equally likable Mark Barriere), and token honey Samantha Maxx (an appealing portrayal by the foxy Samantha Phillips) -- are assigned to protect Morales. Naturally, the gaggle of gorgeous gals who bare their delectable feminine wares with pleasing regularity is the main attraction and source of entertainment: Strain does a couple of scorching S&M-type numbers prior to killing two (lucky) dudes, Phillips looks positively smashing in her birthday suit while both the extremely busty Julie K. Smith and cute brunette Wendy Hamilton as hit babes Cobra and Scorpion further spice things up. Alas, for the most part this picture strangely skimps on the action until the rousing conclusion, but that's a forgivable oversight. Besides, how can one not dig a movie in which the front for the assassins is working as strippers at a local rowdy cowboy bar? Both Mark Morris' glossy cinematography and Ron Di Iulio's snazzy'n'jazzy rocking score do the trick. Enjoyable junk.

Reviewed by hyperspheroid 9 / 10 / 10

Sidaris' Masterpiece

This flic will be remembered as a classic for the some of the funniest dead-pan dialogue and gratuitous shots of T&A to fill one of the most absurd plots since "Gymkata". From the asteroid showers, to the extended shower scenes, to the blow-up doll decoy, to the awkward reactions to the horse race which obviously isn't taking place, this movie never stops entertaining. It stays perfectly on the line between over-the-top farce while appearing to try to be a "real" film, in true Ed Wood fashion. It's amusing to read the comments of disappointed viewers who attempted to derive substance from this B-movie. This is one to watch late night on cable, preferably with some good friends and a keg.

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