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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mathiassorrow 1 / 10 / 10


Actually there are three absolutely amazing things about this movie. Firstly, how the hell did anybody manage to raise $500,000.00 (estimated) to make this mess ? Secondly, how the hell did anybody manage to spend $500,000.00 (estimated) making this mess ? And thirdly, how the hell did this manage to get a two star rating ? Obviously no movie would ever be so bad as to make your eyes actually bleed, this one did the next best thing, it makes you wish they would.

Reviewed by vexvane / 10

Why would you release this?

Nobody is even trying to act! Literally. They are not even trying. You can go to primary school watch them 9 year old kids try harder than this. What you got here is not even a movie. It is insulting to movies to call this thing a movie. Instead, its like someone is pointing cheap camera at people who dressed up with less effort than children do at Halloween, then they seem to not know their lines at all, and they are being fed them, but they PAUSE every few seconds for their slow brains to process what they need to say, ... then they just plainly SAY the words, ZERO ACTING HERE. And worst part is that they put no effort to even edit it. You got long, very, very, very long, scenes where you are watching extreme close-up of someones face, while they have blank expression on, trying to remember, or waiting to be fed their line. Look, this is just horrible, I cant think of single redeeming thing to say about it. What a waste of time.

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