The Dead Don't Die


Comedy / Fantasy / Horror

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September 24, 2019



Adam Driver as Self
Selena Gomez as Alex Russo
Tilda Swinton as Emma Recchi
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by johndoe_13 3 / 10 / 10

Deadest Horse-Beating-est Movie of All Time

I hate this movie. I saw it for free and still want my money back. It is an absolutely pointless, meandering vanity project that attempts to trick you into thinking it's cleverer than it is. According to the director himself, it was designed to be a dumb movie comprised of dumb bits as a way to make money hanging out with his friends. And what's worse is that the trailer tricks you into thinking it is an entirely different movie - the worst kind of lie you can tell in an effort to lure people away from their hard-earned money and precious time. There is literally no point to anything that happens; Jarmusch has no sense of pace or urgency or meaning. And in my opinion, art for the sake of itself alone is condescending towards your audience. I normally like his work, along with all of the actors, the subject matter and tone - this should have been right in my wheelhouse. But I left feeling like the director had a contemptuous view of the people watching his film (in EVERY regard) and that just doesn't sit well with me. Not everything has to matter in a movie, but SOMETHING should. Ultimately, it felt like a third-rate SNL skit that was allowed to drag on for two hours.

Reviewed by drakewidlake 3 / 10 / 10

One of the worst films I've ever seen. People left the theater halfway through!

I would highly avoid seeing this. It's slow with a stupid plot that goes nowhere. Saw about 10 people walk out of the theatre. Bill Murray was not funny at all. The film tries to repeat dumb jokes that aren't funny. Random UFO shows up and takes away a Scottish Samurai funeral director. Side plots that go nowhere and wastes about 20 minutes of the movie. The entire cast was wasted, just like the two hours of my life watching this trash of a movie. This was not art, but it was a big middle finger to anyone who had to sit through it. It's almost as if the director wanted to make the worst movie ever just to say "I made the worst movie ever." Why release this to theaters? It should of been free on Netflix. Then you could at least turn it off and pick something better to watch.

Reviewed by enigma-947-339467 3 / 10 / 10

Snoozefest with only a few laughs and an infantile script

How this got even a 6 astounds me. A teenager could have written this script. Every actor talks like they're slow. A few laughs here and there but the rest of the time you just wait for something to happen. When something does happen, you're neither surprised, scared, or satisfied. What a waste of this cast's talents.

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