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Reviewed by ReganRebecca 9 / 10 / 10

My favourite of the series

Having now watched the entire Decline of Western Civilization series, newly restored and released as one, I can officially say Part III is my favourite of the trilogy. While the previous films focused on beginner punk bands in L.A. (part I), and then the heavy metal following of the 80s (part II), part III nearly completely abandons the musical aspect of the series to instead focus on the punk followers. Spheeris engages with a group of homeless youth living in downtown L.A. They are mostly teens and mostly look healthy and okay but as she interviews the children they reveal, with unflinching honesty, the abuse that led them to the streets, the boredom of their lives, and their total lack of hope (in one truly touching sequence Spheeris asks her group of misfits where they think they will be in 5 years; most of them reply that they'll be dead. A truly heartbreaking look at the forgotten youth of America.

Reviewed by verbusen 6 / 10 / 10

Interesting Punk Time Capsule, With Some Reality At The End

I needed to clean my DVR for space and I saw I recorded this. Out of the hundred choices I had I started to watch this one, because I had much younger memories of the first film, I decided to watch this one 35 years after I watched it in a Midwest town I was driving through at the age of 17 or 18 transferring bases in the Navy. I was into punk back then but also into new wave more. There were like a dozen people my age in the theater, I had no luck finding a party afterwards and slept in my car in the theater parking lot before heading out on the road. Fun times. Anyway, as far as this film goes, I thinks it's pretty well made. There are a few grainy video scenes but it's acceptable. It's really interesting in that I watched it all, but I was interested in how this scene in 1998 was so different then the late 70- early 80's (I grew up in NYC so was slightly exposed to punk since I was 13). The politics has gone completely to the left wing, and it's like a political movement now in many regards. Before (to me), punk was rebellion against the grind of the working class, the band Naked Aggression (which has too much film time) was clear cut militant left, the whole burn everything down thing. I heard the band Fear in the film recording of Have Another Beer, but she didn't go to one of their concerts who I'm sure was touring at the time, they are definitely right wing. It would have been cool to see Fear's audience and contrast it with Naked Aggression's audience, probably a big difference. I just remembered that I had bought all the Fear CD's around the time this was made, I was in my late 30's and listening to Fear. It's also interesting for me to see the left associated with a lifestyle that is so depraved. These are young youth mostly but the older ones are really looking pretty grim after years of this lifestyle which probably includes things that will destroy your brain. Flea is interviewed also, he says basically that things suck on the streets now compared to the early 80's. He doesn't really elaborate much. The first singer for Black Flagg, Keith Morris, is also interviewed and he blamed the GOP, which I found amusing. Maybe he was railing against the state government at the time headed by Pete Wilson, but Bill Clinton was President, lol. Punk bands do that but it was lame that he went after the GOP like that. Good time capsule and if you are interested in punk music it is very interesting to watch. I was entertained. FYI, there is not much on Wikipedia about the people in this film but a blog of a women who interviewed Squid and Spoon the same time this film was made had a commenter say she killed herself in prison Sep 10 2001.

Reviewed by memery-1 6 / 10 / 10

The name says it all...

I like P. Shpeeris, so I might be a little biased toward this movie. I think she did a good job with it, but as an interviewer, she comes across as a frustrated mother. Then again, how can anyone not be frustrated with the kids depicted in this film. From the opening interview, it's apparent that the movie's subjects are lazy and pretty stupid. Yes, I know some of them came from broken homes, etc., but they all come across as degenerates. It's hard to be sympathetic toward these teen-age train wrecks, but it's even harder to turn away from this film. And one has to question why these kids are the way they are? Has our country bred a subculture of mohawked hobos? Or, are things really that screwed up for troubled youth? The answers will vary depending on whom you ask, but go into this movie knowing you will be either very sad or very angry.

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