The Desert Bride



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tprspan 6 / 10 / 10

Not a bad film

I saw this at the Chicago Latino Film Festival in April of '18, and it was not bad. It's a smaller film, and the two lead actors namely Paulina Garcia and Mr. Rissi seem to to keep the film going. The character played by Paulina Garcia is a maid who has worked for one family for a very long time, but is now going to be working at another home, and they are friends or relatives of her current employers, but they live in another city, so the maid has to travel there. Along the way, she meets el Gringo, played by Mr. Rissi, who agrees to give her a ride at some point, and a relationship begins to develop between them. During the trip, there are flashbacks to her final days with the family for which she has cared all these years. Directing, and again, good acting make this film worth watching.

Reviewed by larrys3 2 / 10 / 10

Garcia & Rissi Carry This Film Along

Set in Argentina, the superb Chilean actress Paulina Garcia stars here. Her performance in the film "Gloria" was most powerful several years back. In this movie she portrays Teresa, a woman who has just been let go from a decades long job as a nanny/housekeeper for a couple who has run into economic hardship. However, Teresa has a secured position in another Argentinian town and will travel by bus there. When the bus has to return to its depot due to a cracked windshield Teresa finds herself killing some time at a local street market. In the chaos of an impending storm, she will leave her purse in the camper of a traveling sales vendor containing her bus ticket and money. Claudio Rissi ably co-stars as the vendor and the two of them hit the road to try and find the lost bag. Their rapport, on screen, works quite well despite their polar opposite personalities. All in all, not everything works here with some confusing and probably unnecessary flashbacks and a so-so finale. But I remained engaged enough to want to know how this would all turn out.

Reviewed by westsideschl 2 / 10 / 10

A Bagful of Nothing

A maid loses her job in one Argentinian city and books bus passage to her new job in another city, and while waiting for the bus to leave she goes to try on a dress at an itinerant shopping street set up for sellers who pack up that evening. She leaves a bag containing personal items such as clothes in the seller's van. She tracks down the seller who claims not have the bag, but will help her look for it as they drive to his previous stops. Evaluation: Not much happening other than driving across a desert; some tedious walking & talking to people they meet. She risks losing her new job, and for what? Not sure, bag is small & boring; content of talking was boring; places & people visited - boring. Ending - inconclusive. Storyline had potential, but unfulfilled.

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