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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by amiamit 7 / 10 / 10

Kickstarter original - fantastic little movie

I loved it - for me if the world at large gives a horror movie a rating ox X ... I just add 2 to it. And this movie is an 7 / 10 for me and any other die hard horror lover. Watch it - its amazing what independent movie makers are capable of.

Reviewed by tobigasser 8 / 10 / 10

Dark, beautiful and scary!

Dr. Brendon Cole was hired to examine a long lost mechanical doll. Based on reports on the dolls functionallity he tries to authenticate it as the mysterious "Infernal Princess". I stumbled across Lawrie Brewster during the kickstarter campaign to "The Unkindness of Ravens". Since then I know Hex Media as a reliable source of excellent indie horror movies. They´ve proven more than once that they know how to tell a story, in words, pictures and music. And, I think this deserves special mention, they know how to stay consistent till the end! Besides the fantastic narration and the beautiful soundtrack I have to spend a few words on the main actor. In the years I followed Lewrie Brewster´s work I also became a big fan of Jamie Scott Gordon´s style of acting. I think it´s a real challenge to play these roles with the appropriate level of insanity and he convinces me in every single movie! It is a great pleasure to watch Dr. Cole´s efforts to discover the dolls secrets and how he starts doubting his sanity. Automata aka The Devil´s Machine is surely the most elaborate Hex Media production and again, it´s a surprise how much value they get out of their tight budget!

Reviewed by LeePhilipson 8 / 10 / 10

Fantastic Indie Horror in a classic Gothic aesthetic

I've been following and supporting Hex Media and their output since I kickstarted their earlier production of The Black Gloves. Ever since, I've been helping to crowdfund all their subsequent productions sight unseen and picked up their entire back catalogue. Automata (aka The Devil's Machine), like Lawrie Brewster's other works, draws a great deal of inspiration from classical Gothic aesthetics, and the British tradition of Hammer Films. The vivid colours in this film and the aristocratic setting might also invoke obscure giallo deja vu for some as well. Those familiar with the other films from Hex will notice recurring actors, but showcasing performances in a different style than previous outings. As less well-known actors, they do a great job disproving the notion that indie horror actors are less talented, as this cast turns in fantastic performances all round. The cinematography and production scale are great highlights of this film. The scope of the narrative and production value are very impressive, especially when considering the indie roots of the crew. You'll be reminded of Barry Lyndon with period-appropriate garb and aesthetics, all captured beautifully and cinematically. I'd have no hesitations supporting whatever Lawrie Brewster turns his hand to next and encourage any horror fans who are looking for a taste of classical horror (but still with a modern edge) to check this one out.

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