The Dinosaur Project


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Matt Kane as Luke Marchant
Natasha Loring as Sydney
Richard Dillane as Jonathan Marchant
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by debbie_ba 9 / 10 / 10

Don't let the critics fool you! I prefer this one over the Jurassic Park series any day!

It's sad to see how many negative reviews this movie had, especially on rottentomatoes. The acting was well done with „unique" actors and the dinosaurs were simply made beautiful. The story is thrilling and the start and end are matching like a closed circle, yet leaves an open ending which almost forces for a sequel – which I really hope there will be. The only reason I'm not giving 10 stars is exactly because of the ending – it left me at unease because we are left with no clue whatsoever if they did survive, only that they weren't found. I'd even go so far to say I prefer this one over the Jurassic Park series (although there is no T-Rex and, of course, nothing beats the beautiful feeling of nostalgia that overcomes you when you hear the well-composed Jurassic Park soundtrack ) because Jurassic Park is really predictable, especially now with its continuously repeating story lines whereas this one is refreshingly different. Yes, it was predictable from some point on that this one gay went nuts (besides, he played an incredibly convincing „crazy face"), yet there is barely a movie without any predictable scenes – and ironically, the best rated movies are usually the most predictable ones. The Dinosaur Project is an absolute must for dinosaur lovers, don't miss out on it because some people go for Spielberg-Loyalty over actual entertainment.

Reviewed by carlesmiquel 4 / 10 / 10

Don't expect anything great

Sadly, this film pushes the envelope to places you don't want to be, namely, where suspense of belief is not enough. You have to be totally into buying a bit of thrill where you're own stupidity must play a significant role. No sound in the chopper (not even Air Force Two is that silent), no natural reactions of people when they should be... incredibly predictable everything. But, alas! in the end, the product is fun to watch if you can bear with the first 20 minutes or more. That's the part which I can't understand today: 1) you're committed to watch it, 2) you're stupid and 3) you're committed to watch it. So... don't feel committed as I did. Just watch the first 20 minutes and you'll see for yourself. It's not fair to write so badly when you're trying to catch the imagination of your audience. But they did it in a very lame way. I don't know if they caught anybody's imagination at all. The other thing that doesn't help is the hand-held shooting of the film. Real life amateurs with GoPros or iPhones don't have such a messy job, Documentarists never shake so badly with a heavy camera, and NEVER throw the zoom into the 100's like crazy. Not even kids do it that way today. They know better. If they wrote a better opening, if the acting wasn't so cheesy and if the cameras (not the sound ???) were not handled by monkeys, this could be a fun film to watch.

Reviewed by Northtribe3 4 / 10 / 10

Jurassic Park goes found footage

The film is about a group of British people that decide to go to the Congo jungle to get proof of that dinosaurs really exists but when they crash with their plane the major problems starts to escalate. The characters are so predictable and you realize very early in the film that it is so clearly that they wanted to capitalize on Jurassic Park, now by any means that's not a bad idea because they just wanted to make it more like a found footage type of movie with dinosaurs and the idea itself isn't too bad but the way it's executed just makes the movie fall flat. Some of the main problems with it is that: 1. the acting is terrible 2. the cgi was laughably bad at parts 3. the characters were all very predictable For example you can clearly see or notice in the movie very early on that they did not care for the acting, it feels like they thought like this: "Just as long as the character Jonathan Marchant looks like Alan Grant it will be alright". Now this made me laugh so hard because he really looked like Sam Neill but his acting was very bad. Another problem with it is that it feels like the filmmakers sometimes didn't know what type of movie they wanted to make and unfortunately for them the movie turned out to be a complete mess. One example of this is when they've been sort of stranded and just got to shore and the son of the Jonathan Marchant character from no where comes up to him and asks him a bunch of questions from his point of view (found footage style). At this part I yelled out "Interview Time!" because that scene came out of no where. So finally am I able to recommend The Dinosaur Project? Well my answer is NO. If you're still interested in checking it out I recommend you to watch it with a couple of friends so you all can have a laugh at it. Then it might at least get a little more entertaining. My rating: 4/10 Stars

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