The Disappointments Room


Drama / Horror / Thriller

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Gerald McRaney as Patton
Kate Beckinsale as Annie Marchand
Lucas Till as Aaron
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Zbigniew_Krycsiwiki 4 / 10 / 10

I'm not entirely sure what this film is even supposed to be about.

Long shelved (filmed in 2014, unreleased until 2016) this cannot decide if it wants to be a haunted house flick, a psychological thriller, family drama, or a routine slasher movie, as a couple, still reeling from the death of their infant daughter, relocate, with their young son, to a remote mansion, for unexplained reasons. Weird things begin happening immediately, but the film implies it may all be in wifey's mind. The discovery of a hidden room, and a black dog prowling the grounds takes the plot into generic possession/ haunting territory, but dead daughter subplot takes it into tragedy/ family drama territory. We are introduced to who I believe was intended to be the token psychic woman, who disappeared as quickly as she appeared, which lead me to wonder why she was even there. Twice the film tried to bring a third party/ love interest into the plot, before dropping one completely, and killing the other, without anything further being mentioned about him. This entire film is like that, with seemingly only the beginning of its plot threads being explored, then dropped entirely. The film never climaxes, so much as it just stops, with nothing remotely close to closure to any of its numerous plot threads. Well acted, and there is enough atmosphere in the Gothic home, but whole chunks of the plot seem to have been edited out prior to release, giving the film an unsatisfactory, unfinished feel.

Reviewed by rockman182 1 / 10 / 10

The Disappointments Room (2016)

Oh yeah, we know the type. September and January releases are generally known as movie dump months, after a busy period of cinema releases. A lot of the films released in this time period are films studios just needed to stick in to release. Generally these films are not good. The Disappointments Room does not go against the mold. After I watched the film I was kind of hoping I didn't as it pretty much offered nothing worthwhile during its entire duration. The film is about a mother (played by the lovely Kate Beckinsale), her son and husband who move into a house where creepy occurrences take hold. She soon discovers a "disappointments room" in the attic where children with special needs or deformities were locked up. The spirits of the past start haunting her and she has a hard time separating reality from this new world she unlocked. Its a typical horror premise. Can I even call this horror? There isn't one scare in the film. Nothing that will stay with you. There aren't even any jump scares. In this day and age you'd expect something startling from a horror film but nothing really ever comes. As the film progresses you want to stomach less and less of it. If you've seen as many horror films as I have, you want something original, ambitious, or frighteningly entertaining. Unfortunately, this rarely happens. I love Kate Beckinsale. She's an ageless beauty who I love watching on screen. I'd say she's the only reason you'd want to check this film out. She needs to pick better stuff for herself. She's been in some bad stuff but shes just wasted here. The guy who played her husband seemed like a caricature, his line delivery seemed so forced. He was basically the prototypical husband who doesn't see whats going on. Lucas Till was an entirely useless and creepy in the wrong kind of way character. I don't like the idea for the film but there could have been better delivery. Wish-washy editing of a bunch of "scary" images jumbled together is not enough to be memorable. I know its my fault for getting sucked into this (damn you sexy Kate Beckinsale!) but as an avid film lover I'm always willing to give everything a chance in search of finding an inspired work. There's no inspiration here. Just a tired picture filled with nothing essential. You'll find scarier things in your day to day life than this mediocre effort. Skip it. There's too many puns I can do with the title of this film to convey how bad it is but I'll save you all the torture. 4/10

Reviewed by devouring-08324 1 / 10 / 10

"Mentally Ill People Are Scary" - Another film Like That.

Let me begin my review by saying that I logged into IMBD for the first time in my life in order to rate and review this film, I hated it that much. The spoiler free version is this: It relies on tired tropes and has little in the way of concrete horror or fulfilling thriller. From this point on, this review will contain spoilers. The Disappointments Room is a run down festival wherein the carnies are made up of overused, overworked and unfulfilling tropes. Tropes are not bad, they're the cornerstone upon which humans build their media, not a single book, movie or game exists without some use of them. And yet The Disappointments Room manages to use every single one of the tropes that movies, especially horror movies, absolutely need to let die. It felt in a way like an exploitation film that did not want to admit it was an exploitation film. While they aren't particularly beloved by me, at least films such as Hostel or The Saw Franchise know what they want to be, and strive to be that. The Disappointments Room is a confused mess that can't decide whether it wants to be a ghostly horror, or a thriller, and it suffers deeply because of it. Right away the film launches into the usual introduction of a family pet only for that animal to die for a purpose that serves neither to deepen the horror or to move the plot along. I know why films do this, humans empathize with animals quickly and deeply and because of this killing off the family pet was once a swift way to gain audience emotion, however, it has been used to the point where at the very least, I myself cannot bring myself to feel anything about it other than apathy, the moment an animal appears in a horror film we all know what's going to happen: That animal is going to die for sure. And this is no exception, the death of the family cat provides nothing in the way of emotion or importance and therefore serves as nothing but an unsuccessful attempt at shock value. Yawn. The scares are few and far between if you can even call them scares at all, there are a multitude of characters who exist for no other reason than, well, they exist, their place in the plot is unnecessary at best and detrimental and distracting at worse. Even the husband, who should have had at least some bearing on the plot exists as nothing more than a two dimensional paper doll who exists only to give the wife someone to, at the very end of the film, cry into the arms of after having a rather exhausting breakdown during an unpleasant to watch drunken dinner scene. Which brings me to my next points. The main character of this film is struggling with depression and very likely PTSD, whether on purpose or on accident this film very strongly implies that people with mental illnesses or who have survived through some manner of trauma are dangerous, scary, and should not be allowed around their own family for fear they'll have a mental break and attempt to murder them whether they know that's what they're doing or not. Admittedly this is becoming not only a worrisome trope but also an incredibly overused and badly played one, it goes beyond being simply offensive straight into the realm of being all at once boring and painful to endure. And this doesn't even begin to touch upon the as usual overplayed trope that physically disfigured people are scary and that women are weak. Don't get me wrong, I'm the last person on earth to scream that something is misogynistic, but parts of this film simply scream Misogyny to me, from the portrayal that women are physically weak, to the portrayal that they're mentally weak as well and are simply one life tragedy--usually involving domestic things like children--away from snapping and throwing a fit during dinner. The use of 'accidentally killing her own infant' as backstory was also sudden, and unnecessary to boot, the film simply did not know what story points it wanted to run with, and because of this, there was simply too much happening for all of it to be resolved, leading to essentially nothing being resolved. If you like watching the family cat be mutilated, and you want to hear all about how people with depression are scary monsters who shouldn't be around normal people, this is the film for you! Otherwise, you'd be better off watching a campy straight to DVD horror that may be bad in the end, but at least will be an Entertaining sort of bad.

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