The Doorman


Action / Thriller

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Aksel Hennie as Borz
Jean Reno as Squale
Ruby Rose as Ali
Rupert Evans as Jon Stanton
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nebk 4 / 10 / 10

Another Die Hard Clone

The Doorman starring Ruby Rose as Ali in the titular role is about an ex-marine who faces off against a bunch of criminals lead by Victor Dubois (Jean Reno) attempting an art heist in an almost empty apartment building which is undergoing renovations during the easter holidays. What they didn't count on was a family being in the apartment and an ex-marine with PTSD who is related to them. The problem is that this is just another in a long line of pale Die Hard imitations where a hero faces of against criminals while trying to save people before the criminals break into a safe and do not need hostages any longer. In fact this movie has a scene where Ali kills a criminal on one of the floors undergoing renovations just like John Mclane did in Die Hard. She also tries to signal for help by setting off the fire alarms just like John Mclane did. Even when the criminals are seen disabling the alarm system one is shown as trying to do it carefully whilst the other takes a hammer and breaks everything up. In Die Hard one robber tries to be careful and the other uses a circular saw to cut the wires. There are also way too many convenient things that happen in order for the hero to be successful. There are hidden passages all over the building and her nephew knows them all for example. There is apparently an old speak easy where they hide. The teenager shouts and the 2 robbers chasing them hear him. Which makes you wonder what kind of hidden room this was if everyone could hear the noise coming from it. The robbers also make many illogical decisions. This and other inconsistencies and plot holes make this a less then stellar attempt. The acting was nothing special although the movie has good actors in it so at best it is ok for what the movie is. A 4.5/10

Reviewed by vktorx 2 / 10 / 10

Don't expect a Jean Reno movie

Jean Reno might be beyond his prime these days, but moviegoers remember the time when he was a top actor of French cinema. His name is the only selling point of this ultra-low budget action flick. Not that his presence saves the movie. Everything about it is cheap and ridiculously bad: the fight coreography, the script, the acting and the cliché characters. It's just sad to see Jean Reno ruining his legacy for a few coins. Don't bother to watch this, you'll have more fun watching paint dry.

Reviewed by daisukereds 2 / 10 / 10

Easily skippable..

People could call this a cheap movie (by hollywood standards).. I'd say it has more of an indie-feel.. With sloppy camera work that makes a mess of action scenes, and boring interactions and dialogue. This is one of those that isn't worth watching for any reason. You won't learn anything, isn't fun to criticize, and will be forgotten the next day. The plot is as simple as it could be summarized in one line of text, and none of the characters are decent or memorable (not even the little girl who you are supposed to like).. with the exception of Jean Reno, maybe, who poses as a smart and calculating villain. He does a fine job, but for his resume, it is rather lacking. I wouldn't recommend it, not even for the action. It's too average in every department.

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