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Abel Ferrara as Reno Miller
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ashleyallinson 9 / 10 / 10

Driller Killer

Driller Killer has, without question, the best director's commentary of any DVD i have ever seen. Although Driller Killer is a far cry from his second film "Ms. 45" it is a classic. Reno can't seem to buy a thrill. Despite the fact that he lives with two bombshells he can't get his painting finished to collect for the rent. His agent's reaction to his finished painting is absolutely priceless. What's worse is that his landlord has allowed a punk band to move in upstairs, adding insult to injury. The band, Tony Coca Cola and the Roosters, play "The Grand Street Stomp" a guitar riff that has a great driving force. This film really documents the village punk circuit at the end of the 1970's. Conventions are borrowed from Polanski's "Repulsion" and Cassavetes' "Shadows". The hand-held mingling with the street people of the period shows how filthy NYC was at the time. Lots of fun. Driller Killer was meant to be listened to loud!

Reviewed by Coventry 8 / 10 / 10

The thin line between trash-exploitation and art-house cinema

Despite of its reputation and the repulsive sounding title, Abel Ferrara's The Driller Killer is more of a social drama about life in the big city than it is a horror shocker. Ferrara himself stars as Reno, an unbalanced painter slowly going crazy due to financial troubles, the noisy punk-band next door, demanding employers and housemates, and non-stop images of the pauperized city. He buys a tool and unleashes his fury on the numerous homeless in the area. Driller Killer is truly grim and as much shocking as the classic film it's clearly inspired on (namely: Taxi Driver) but it lacks a fitting tone and a appropriate background drawing. The film opens with a very confusing sequence in which the protagonist is standing at an altar while being approached by an elderly man. This footage is extra since the 1999 re-release and it looks like Ferrara wanted to supply his film with some kind of spiritual depth. It leads nowhere, though. In fact, take out the killings and you're left with a somewhat boring urban portrait. Driller Killer was included in the infamous list of 'video-nasties' and therefore automatically received a controversial cult-status without people even seeing it. Although the substance matter doesn't belong amongst the other titles in the list, The Driller Killer often wanders on the thin border between trash-exploitation and art-house cinema, as it features voyeuristic elements (a gratuitous lesbian shower sequence) as well as sheer close-ups of blood-puddles and whirring drills. Abel Ferrara without a doubt is one of the most remarkable directors in American cinema history. I'm a huge fan of most of his films like 'The Addiction', 'Bad Lieutenant' and 'The Funeral'…It's not that I didn't like 'the Driller Killer', I just think that the poor production values really show off and that Ferrara did not yet had the professionalism and talent to make up for it by adding the trademarks that made his later films so brilliant. If you're interested by the repertoire of this often discussed director, you better don't start by watching Driller Killer. You're appreciate it a lot more after seeing some of his 90's films.

Reviewed by matrixj23 8 / 10 / 10

Decent , sleazy early 80's Art-house Slasher... Best Commentary Ever!!!

I am sure you are all aware of the history surrounding Mr. Ferrara's first proper film the 'Driller Killer'. It has achieved most of it's notoriety due to it's distinction of being one of the first so-called 'Video Nasties'- films banned by the UK due to lurid content. From what I have gathered after watching the majority of these 'Video Nasties', is that this was some sort of backlash and hysteria by the moral police. If you go into this film expecting gore-filled mayhem and over-the-top violence you will likely be very disappointed... However if you go into this film with no expectations, you will likely be amused and entertained. This film will be much more enjoyable if you are over 30 and from the glorious, sleazy NY before it was sanitized. The dirty punk rocker sleaze factor oozes nicely from this film and I found it very satisfying... Keep in mind, this was Abel's first film and it shows. Some of the shots are rather extraneous, and certainly a few of them could of been framed better. The pacing does a lag a bit in spots, and some of the dialogue is rather inane (I actually find the inane dialogue to be charming and amusing)... The factor that elevates this DVD to 'must-purchase' territory (I am referring to the Cult Epics version), is Abel Ferrara's amazing commentary. He is obviously on lots of strong drugs and his stream of conscious rambling really enhance the viewing experience. he is very quick to point out flaws in his film with wild abandon. It is also lovely to listen to him oogle the actresses and ramble off incoherently in stream of consciousness Frankenstein quasi-sentences... If you are a punk rock child from the 80's you will probably appreciate this film much more than the casual viewer. I hesitate to call it a horror film. It is more of an Art-house, drugged-out, sleazy portrait of early 80's New York City set in a slasher film regarding man's frustration and gradual descent into madness. Check it out, and please re-watch with the commentary. I promise you will be amused (and amazed)...

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