The Eagle and the Albatross


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Adrienne Barbeau as Rosemary
Dan Lauria as Mr. Orland Franco
Jay Huguley as Edwin McCushing
Michael Badalucco as Man on the Phone
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kathryn-50694 2 / 10 / 10

I'm a golfer and I wish I didn't hit play on this movie

To be honest, the only good part of the movie that I liked was Ji-min and Dan's relationship throughout the movie. That's was the part I was expecting and everything really caught me WAY off guard. I was expecting something like Seven Days in Utopia, but I was hit with a level of maturity like from the movie Sausage Party. I appreciate that they were putting in representation for the LGBTQ community, but all they did was fetishize it. Everything was cliche as hell. EVERYTHING. I was expecting something wholesome and I got this. I just wanted a nice golf movie. That's all I was expecting.

Reviewed by theliuservic 9 / 10 / 10

the eagle and the albatross

Okay as an Amber stan, I've waited for this film since it's announcement date. So, I'm going to talk about Amber first in this review and then the overall cast and crew as well as production of the film- my opinions on it, anyways. I have been a fan of Amber since I was very young and I've always said that she has the potential to be a really good actress. It always infuriated me that she never really had an interest or wants to go in to acting. Her involvement on her first drama must've changed her mind- but back to Eagle and the Albatross... this film proved to me that she has what it takes to pursue projects within the movie industry. For a relatively amateur actress, and I'm saying this even despite my bias, she delivered her portrayal of Jimin really well. The last scene between her and Dan Laura's character was probably the highlight of the entire film for me, not only because it proved to me just how talented Amber can be as an actress but also because the chemistry between Amber and Dan Laura seemed so organic and authentic. I loved the dynamic between the two characters and both of the actors are extremely talented individuals. Regarding The Eagle and the Albatross as a whole, I feel like this movie was a good watch and is definitely lives up to its title of "a feel good" film -- despite the tear jerker scene towards the end... you know what I'm talking about. There were some parts of the script I would've liked to see tweaked a bit- such as some of the innuendos, the portrayal of a butch lesbian and the sudden death of a character being brushed aside without any on-screen closure... but that's just particulars and overall, I feel like it was a nice little movie. I will definitely rewatch soon!

Reviewed by Phishface 9 / 10 / 10

You don't have to love golf to love this movie

The story is centered at a run down golf course in the middle of nowhere. The club is on the verge of closing but it has its diehard regulars - a group of eccentrics who live for golf. Enter a Korean teenager who feels lost in the world. The best player at the club takes her under his wing and teaches her golf. I won't go any further with the storyline (no spoilers!) but I will say that the theme of the movie should appeal to a wide audience. It's about "finding your tribe" as one of the characters says. It's about finding the acceptance most people long for. The beginning of the movie is a little disjointed, but it evolves into a funny, bawdy and touching film. It's also beautifully filmed and has great acting from everyone in the large cast. Dan Lauria and Amber Liu are the standouts. Their chemistry is what really holds this movie together. If you're a golf nut or into k-pop, you'll love the movie. But even if you've never held a club and think k-pop is a cereal, you'll be touched by the great ensemble cast and the relationships that form on and off the green.

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