The East


Adventure / Drama / Thriller

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Ellen Page as Sylvia Likens
Julia Ormond as Sabrina Fairchild
Toby Kebbell as Martin Axe
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by faridat-91789 7 / 10 / 10

Smart, Entertaining with a little bit of Nice

Oh, boy I've been there: nudist group showers and caresses. Going wild and having sex in the forest. And the rest, quite action-film staff with corporate and political players. A new kind of hippie. If you've had the privilege to see each side of the story first-hand, from corporate and government side or activist side, perhaps you know how pain-in-the-neck the other is. Or perhaps you're open to new hactivist, CSR, or investment activist approaches. You may be undecided as well. This film gives you time to mull over all that. And it is entertaining. It's a smart flick. While Spy Game was smart in its efficient narration and wit, this one is focused on the larger picture and an intended effect; a message of responsibility that goes both ways, towards environment and government. Here's the catch: the film comes out and says its what its intended effect is, at the end. Which is quite a sabotage. When you think of it, the film has been so smart up until that point that while you may feel disappointed as "ar.. propaganda" you soon realise it may well be that the filmmaker outsmarts the propaganda advocate here by saying outright "ok, you saw that? now we are expected to tell you this message: blah blah blah." It has Ridley Scott written all over it: it engages its audience, and assumes them smart enough to see the best-of-class intricacies.

Reviewed by InfinateANGELzPORTALz 1 / 10 / 10

I found this to be a real worth while film.I highly recommend you watch it as it'll get your mind thinking,as it did for me...

I really don't have much of any complaints when it comes to the overall films story.Simply put,I was intrigued from the films beginning,throughout the film,to what I thought to be a good ending.I must say though however,that I was expecting more from the Male Leader,played by Alexander Skarsgard.It felt like there should have been more depth to his character & his leadership role-it felt,weak in some way to me.He did do a decent acting job in the film,although,it felt like he was overshadowed either intentionally or unintentionally,by the characters played by Both Ellen Page & Brit Marling. Without giving away spoilers,the movie had me thinking Both:that what they were doing,was an agreeably,&understandable Fight!Yet,at the same time,morality-wise kicks in too,to where your inner turmoil is thinking its the wrong way to go about it.But,yes,as you watch the film,the reasons and plots thicken as you continue into the film.Making it a worthy watch IMO!

Reviewed by Thoughtnot 1 / 10 / 10

Very dull

It is difficult to review such a movie without spoilers, but I shall try. Terrorism is always terrorism. There is no excuse for it. This is a silly, pretentious movie that tries to justify anarchy and not in an interesting way. Of course pharmaceutical companies shouldn't be poisoning people, but poisoning them back solves nothing. The acting is not bad. The writing and direction are feeble.The characters are unbelievable and totally one-dimensional---either all good or all bad. Not all young people are saints. Not all middle-aged people are evil polluters. Not all policemen are corporate lackeys. Let's face it, it has all been said before and in more interesting ways. The action is slow- moving and uninteresting. Watch something else.

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