The Eleventh Victim



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Colin Cunningham as Curtis Burrell Cruise
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dani-korkegi 2 / 10 / 10

Sadly Devoid of Substance

Most of the 'facts' of this movie strained credulity to its limits. From the bad guy, 3 weeks from his execution, being summarily released pending a new trial to his escape, completely unimpeded, from the hospital at the end. That may have been the true nail in the coffin. Having watched a sub- par movie throughout only to be disappointed as the 'bad guy gets away'. I gave the movie a 3 instead of 1 because I was somehow able to gut through the entire thing just waiting for something better. Alas, that was not to be and was like salt in the wound to have it end as it did. I'm afraid I agree with the reviewer who suggested that this movie would be best suited to those with below-average IQs.

Reviewed by tink360 3 / 10 / 10

Perfectly dreadful

I don't know where to begin with how bad this film was. To start with, the first thing that should have occurred to her was that the man she had put away, who was supposedly on death row & had tried to kill her in the past - had somehow got out of jail. She never mentioned this fact to the police. The most glaring mistake - not notifying her per duty to warn - was explained at the end of the film when * spoiler alert* the clients attorney turned out to be his crime partner. That one twist in the plot was interesting, and not predictable. Which is why the film got 2 stars, although I'm not sure if zero stars is possible to assign. Second spoiler - Cruz escaping from the hospital after killing the doctor. I work in a hospital that serves the prison population. You get a prisoner patient in, even one who is in county jail for a misdemeanor - he has an armed guard at his bedside 24/7. As well as being in some sort of shackles or restraints. Many wizened old prisoners who look like they could not open their milk carton unassisted have 2 guards sitting at the bedside at all times. So ANY prisoner approaching badass would be guarded by at least 2 armed prison guards and be in restraints. The guards are present to prevent an escape and also to protect the staff (or to prevent an attack on the prisoner from angry family, etc). Those that have just been arrested & brought to the hospital prior to charging due to health concerns are guarded by police officers. Nancy Grace seems to be someone who has enough experience around criminals & crime scenes to have done better with the credibility. And as for the present profession of the ex-prosecutor - that was not credible to me either. What therapist will let their client off when they offer a half hearted "I'll try" by doing a head tilt and responding "That's all you can do!" with a smile? As someone who has sat through a few therapy sessions I can tell you that's not normal. "Don't try, just do it" now that's normal. I did not take that as poor acting, just a limitation of the script. Where the acting from the pretty blond ex prosecutor fell short - there is no way I could see her as a tough prosecutor and someone who could fight a murder attempt from a serial killer. And what nimrod ties a victim up while leaving their hands free so they can get their jewels squeezed? She never came across as someone who could keep control of a classroom of middle school rowdies, let alone prosecute a case

Reviewed by dancinqueen47 3 / 10 / 10

Worse than the worst Lifetime stinker movie!!

Thinking about it, I don't know why I gave this three stars - it barely deserved one! It was truly the worst of the worst Lifetime or LMN movies ever made. That's saying a lot, because a whole lot of them are pretty bad. I watched for about 50 minutes and then decided this was only going downhill, with no hope of redemption, so I gave up on it. I didn't watch 90210, so I am not familiar with Jennie Garth, but if this performance is indicative of the quality of her acting she definitely needs to find a job that's a better match to her skills. Acting certainly isn't one of them! I also don't watch Nancy Grace much, but if this story is indicative of her writing skill, and it appears to be, well...Nancy, give up writing, right now cause it's absolutely not working for you! So much of this was so pathetic and nonsensical. One of the more ridiculous things was when Jennie asked the the detective about his leads. He said they had been considering several different leads. She then became overly defensive and accused him of accusing her of being the murderer (which he very certainly had not)! Of course, she shamelessly overacted. This one was so much worse than the customary Lifetime stinker - it was so amazingly bad that I will never again watch any Lifetime movie. In my experience, out of 10 movies run on Lifetime and/or Lifetime Movie Network, 2 may be halfway decent, 4 may be pretty bad, 2 may be really, really bad and 2, like this one, are truly an amazing and disrespectful insult to viewers! I suggest they start showing an on-screen, prior to showing movies: "Warning! This is unsuitable for anyone with an I.Q. exceeding 55." Ba-bye Lifetime and Lifetime Movie Network!

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