The Expendables 3


Action / Adventure / Thriller

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April 11, 2019



Arnold Schwarzenegger as Gordy Brewer
Harrison Ford as Linus Larrabee
Jason Statham as Farmer
Sylvester Stallone as John Rambo
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by crendine 9 / 10 / 10

Third Time Around A Tad Short

I almost enjoyed this entry into The Expendables series as much as the first two but in some areas, I felt it fell a little short (but not much). This time around, Stallone introduces 4 younger members to his team as well the addition of Wesley Snipes (who paired up extremely well with Stallone and Sandra Bullock in "Demolition Man"). Overall, I found it as action-packed and enjoyable as the first two but I found Mel Gibson to not be as convincing as the villain as Eric Roberts or Jean Claude Van Damm. Perhaps it's because we tend to associate him too much with the Martin Riggs character in "Lethal Weapon' or William Wallace in "Braveheart". He just didn't seem to come across as the bad guy that well. Overall, it's a really good action film to just sit back and enjoy. I just wish Rutger Hauer or someone of that ilk had played the villain.

Reviewed by andrew Perry 2 / 10 / 10

bring the popcorn

OK, it's not as dramatic as most of the movies the lead players would play, but it's a bit of fun and I quite enjoyed it. The first was, err sort of ok, the second was cringeworthy, but this was fun. Don't expect any suspenseful, dramatical stuff with a plot, this is just a fun action movie you can enjoy and laugh at.

Reviewed by ronaldomessirroney 2 / 10 / 10

Mind-numbing, boring action sequences.

Thank god this is the last Expendables movie. This is easily the worst Expendables movie. I wanna die.

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