The Faceless Man



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Andy McPhee as Seedy Pub Barman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Stanlee107 3 / 10 / 10


Wow, for a film that promotes the anti-drug message, it is ironic that you may need to do drugs to enjoy or maybe understand it. The film seems so random although the twist at the end seemed a bit forced or an after thought to include. The horror element had promise but it never truly realised. The multi storylines in this film is far too convoluted to make for great viewing.

Reviewed by aeongale 1 / 10 / 10

Australian humour and incoherent randomness

I don't know where to begin. As a movie with a well developed narrative and strong character motives is fails miserably. It's like a long violent episode of Fat Pizza, or Psychovillie if you're British. I can't think of an American equivalent. But it's enduring and I got some laughs out of it. Sadly it's not really about the faceless man, he's just tacked on at random intervals, which is a shame because the design is very well done. It's about young city dwellers clashing with country folk while a drug dealer is on the hunt. At one point they get served filtered coffee by a waitress and that simply doesn't happen in Australia. Apart from that, it's a good cheesy effort in... making whatever this is.

Reviewed by bellboyblue 1 / 10 / 10

Acting classes not in the budget.

This is amateur hour at it most glorious. The acting in this film is so bad it's actually entertaining. The main girls are completely inept of delivering dialogue and making it sound like a real person is talking. The guys are just not even trying. But that's not what actually makes this film so gloriously bad it's the overall production. In fact I'm pretty sure this film was shot on a DSLR or something, It looks sooooo cheap. Make up, lighting, ect... just cheap. There's moments where it's tongue in cheek but then there's moment where it's trying hard to shock you and be serious. And that's where it's unintentionally funny... many because of the amateur acting. That's where it shines but for the wrong reasons. I can't believe I'm still writing but I just have no idea how this ended up getting made and why no one did the director a solid and tell him how embarrassing this is. That's probably the scariest thing about it. There's a gang bang thou... with the two main girls but it's not shown. So no points there. There's a bunch of Bikers - they look like wild hog weekend dads and are dressed as Hogan's hero's. If anything this film made me rant... actually I change my mind watch it for a good laugh. Seriously this is like the horror equivalent of Tommy Wiseau's 'The Room'.

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