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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by alassenamos 9 / 10 / 10

Life, Family and Friends

"THE FAMILY TREE" Life, Family and Friends Amos Lassen I have been a huge fan of Panamanian director Jorge Ameer since I first began reviewing and, in fact, one of his films was one of the first I ever reviewed. I am lucky that Ameer gives me an early shot at his films just as he has done with his newest film "The Family Tree". I have watched Ameer and his films mature, I never know what to expect with an Ameer film-- his range is so wide and diverse. I was truly in the mood for a sensitive film and that is what "The Family Tree" is. It is also the best film he has made as yet. The plot is amazing, the cinematography is lush, the music is sublimely divine and the production as a whole is stunning. However, because of the nature of the plot, I can't say too much without giving something away and I want everyone to have the same beautiful experience I had watching it. Roy (Michael Joseph Nelson) is married to Alina (Anais Lucia) in this Christmas story. They are eager to bring a child into the world but, it is just not happening for them. Victor (Keith Roenke), comes into their lives and changes everything. The three main characters' lives become intertwined through a series of events that are unsuspected and strongly brings them together and perhaps bring happiness to Roy and Alina. I could not help being drawn into the emotions of what I was watching. As the story moves forward, it touches the viewer evoking emotions especially when we meet Victor, a young workaholic animal rescuer for a local shelter. He is lonely and also an immigrant and he loves the Christmas holidays. When he was a child, Victor made dolls for the holidays, a Panamanian tradition. This year will be really special for him-- he will find love, friendship and especially family. That Christmas something otherworldly enters the world as part of an old Panamanian tradition and through that Victor learns a great deal as does the audience. I love the inclusion of an old Panamanian tradition that is still practiced today. Watching what happens on screen reminds us that we cannot let ourselves forget our good memories and how important it is to be with those who we love The performances are unforgettable all around. In no way did I expect the sensations that the film delivered and it is with tears of sensitivity in my eyes that I am writing this review. Seeing the beauty of the film reinforces that there is never enough beauty in our lives.

Reviewed by hitzgesvicki864 10 / 10 / 10

a haunting Christmas film

I saw this film at the virtual opening night of the Marina del Rey Film Festival. That was a few days ago. This film has not left my mind, hence why I feel compelled to write about it. Full disclosure, this is not your run of the film Hallmark film. It is deep, it is loaded with many current themes and it is fitting for these pandemic times for most of what is describe in this film many will be able to relate to. I will not go too into detail because this is an experience you must journey through yourself. At over 2 hours and change, I could have seem many more chapters of this film - Netflix series maybe? This film is primarily about lonely Victor Gardel played by very talented Keith Roenke. A man of principle who lives in Panama and works as an animal rescue. He has very hight regard for four legged animals. He is very habitual and seems like he's been in a life rut for quite some time. He may even be suffering from depression. Then there's Alina, played by the beautiful Anais Lucia who is an artist with lingering feelings for Victor. Apparently they may have dated some time ago, but preferred to remain as friends. Enter Roy played by Michale Joseph Nelson. Roy disrupts the lives of both main characters. To say much more about the story, would be a dis service to the reader. The most unforgettable part of this film lies in the undercurrent of emotions - a lot is happening beneath the surface so much attention must be observed from the very beginning until the very end. No spoilers here, but all I will say is play very close attention to the scenes that happen at the mother's apartment because many secrets are revealed earlier that you will need to remember to get a better grasp of the ending. By the way, the ending is mind blowing! You will be left with many unanswered questions that can only be resolved with a few more viewings. Luckily for those who saw the film on Roku, you'll can watch it several times to really get a grip on what is going on because the surface is telling a story and the undercurrents another one. I'm not sure if this film will be released on DVD, but if it is, I plan to get a copy for my personal collection. Yes, it is that good, and it is very much a christmas film. The art director, production design, cinematography and overall visuals of the film are stunning - very red and vibrant and filled with holiday motives throughout. Jorge Ameer has captured something that is very difficult to create in film. There is an organic sensitivity to the movie that will tug at your heartstrings. As I watched, I felt tears rolling down my cheeks as the film regressed me back to the holidays I lived with loved one who are no longer around. Since watching this film, I've placed it on my cue of filmmakers to watch. There is one called D'Agostino that apparently stars the actor Roenke from this film, so I'll be taking a look at it once the festival is over. After watching the film, I began searching and reading other reviews and I've noticed one of two things. People either love this film or they obsesses about the little things that they fail to get or understand, that why I harp on the need to really pay attention to all that is happening because, the heavy messages in the film are beneath the surface. In essence, the film is about not taking people for granted because you really never know how much time they'll have around you. It hammers home the basic reasons we are here and that is to love and live life to the fullest for the best moments can be far and few in between - then they only become moments in time -memories. The cinematography is lush and the soundtrack has many earworms that will be playing in your ear long after you've watch the film. The only thing I regret about this film is the timing of its release. Im sorry this movie is playing virtually and not in a movie theatre. It's the kind of movie holiday experience we could all use around these trying times. If you are like me, I know you would really enjoy sitting in a large theatre around thanksgiving or anytime during the holiday enjoying this treat on a large screen. However, since we don't have the luxury of watching this film theatrically due to COVID, I'll have to settle with putting this film on my cue, or getting the DVD (I still buy dvds and hope to add this to my collection), and/or both when it is available. if you enjoy a good solid story, fresh, very original and unpredictable, you will like "The Family Tree". This is a multiple viewing experience I highly recommend to anyone who appreciates a different kind of holiday film out of your usual hallmark movies.

Reviewed by careb-68506 10 / 10 / 10

Friendship, True Love and Hope.

The Family Tree has arrived and happens to be the best Jorge Ameer film, no doubt about it. This Panamanian director, who has been improving his art through the years, is today at the peak of his career. The script for the film is excellent. The plot is deep and well woven, although I must admit that I had to watch the movie twice to find hidden messages and specific details, that further delighted me more. Michael Roenke as Victor, developed his role with simplicity and naturalness, allowing us to know his feelings and frustrations intimately. A man with a noble heart, with a need to help, venting out the same need in his work, as a rescue veterinarian. Life brings him closer to Roy, excellently personified by Michael Joseph Nelson, who finds in Victor a kind of a lifeguard. They develop an incredibly special affinity, almost immediately, and the puzzle comes to life, piece by piece. Victor's birthday gift to Alina, turns out to be the element of happiness that was missing, in both of their lives. A film full of sincerity, fraternity, a lot of real love, with a brilliant esotericism that hides at the beginning and becomes evident at the end of the film. Watch out, don´t miss it! The bathtub scene is a masterpiece... If you have loved, have felt loneliness or have been willing to give your life for love ... this is your movie. The script, the direction, the acting of Keith Roenke and Michael Joseph Nelson are spectacular. Of all the films by director Ameer, The Family Tree is my favorite. You must see it. Thumbs up Mr. Ameer !!

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