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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dyingxmidwestern-1 1 / 10 / 10

tedious and unbearable.. if you manage to stay awake

Couldn't make it past the second "story"- absolutely banal trash. no real plot and certainly not remotely scary. this should not have been made. it's an overall waste of money and resources. if this constitutes "original horror" no wonder garbage like the pet sematary remake keeps winning over the dullards.

Reviewed by cleaver1968 5 / 10 / 10

Bedtime stories to put you to sleep.

Boring doesn't even begin to describe this grimfest. Two stories out of the eight (the American one and the weird fairy tale at the end) just about manage to garner interest. The rest are either so 'deep' they fail to make their point, or gross out that they'd turn your stomach. Either way this is one book of tales to leave on the shelf.

Reviewed by tabathazee 5 / 10 / 10

Great Concept, One Great Execution

I was very excited to see this at the Brooklyn Horror Film Fest after seeing the directors involved, but most segments were overwhelmingly mediocre. The concept is fantastic and most segments are visually compelling but ultimately fall flat. The Cobbler's Lot, The Palace of Horrors, and Al Karisi were the strongest and best executed, where Melon Heads was the weakest, being laughable at best. The Cobbler's Lot was definitely the stand-out short, with a beautiful muted palette of unique visuals and dark comedy. Inspired by silent era and 70s psychedelic film, this was a charming ending to a disappointing anthology.

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