The Fighting Kentuckian


Adventure / Romance / War / Western

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Hank Worden as Deadwood Townsman
John Wayne as Chris Morrell
Oliver Hardy as Ollie
Paul Fix as Judge Ewing
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Reviewed by JohnHowardReid 8 / 10 / 10

Has its moments!

A slam-bang action climax makes up for a lot in this John Wayne period vehicle, including the odd spectacle of Oliver Hardy as Wayne's sidekick, putting up a game battle against some very indifferent material. Given some witty lines and amusing "business", Mr. Hardy may have proved the film's mainstay during some tedious romantic interludes between Wayne and Miss Ralston, but in the present context it is mainly Oliver's novelty appeal that keeps the film afloat. At first, it appears that some regulars from John Ford's stock company are going to pop in and out of the action, but after the second-reel free-for-all attended by Jack Pennick, Hank Worden and Mae Marsh, this tack peters out. Despite the amount of money lavished upon it, this film was a commercial flop - for which Republic stock-holders not altogether unjustly blamed Miss Ralston, though she has her fans (I quite like her) and anyway she is not in this film all that much, as Marie Windsor has a fair share of footage. Direction is no more than routine, although the 2nd unit work (probably handled by Yakima Canutt) is impressive.

Reviewed by info-5918 7 / 10 / 10

Interesting and odd Wayne movie

The fighting Kentuckian is not your average Wayne movie. It's fundamentally a romance, with historical surrounds. In some ways, it is a tad surreal, with Napoleon's French gaurds fighting with cannons and muskets, and cavalry charges, against cowboys, in the West... who are then joined by Kentuckian militiamen. There is a complex array of bad guys, who make it a bit hard to work out who is who. The French all wear their Napoleonic uniforms at all times, and may as well still be in France. Oliver Hardy is delightful to watch but I did find him a bit of an odd pairing with John Wayne, and may be a bit distracting. He's also a bit overweight for a member of the Kentuckian Militia who march thousands of miles around the country! Overall, not John Wayne's best, and not the action movie you may expect, but certainly watchable.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 7 / 10 / 10

An unusual pairing, but it works

THE FIGHTING KENTUCKIAN has one of the most unlikely pairings in all of cinema: there's John Wayne, doing his stock cowboy hero type persona (complete with Davy Crockett hat!), teamed up with none other than Oliver Hardy as his comedy sidekick character, complete with all of the usual mannerisms we know and love from the actor! It's an unusual choice for sure, but somehow it all works very nicely and actually lifts this film quite considerably. The story is based on the lives of French settlers in America after the defeat of Napoleon. The usual criminal gang decide to use subterfuge to get rid of them, but Wayne and his buddies have other ideas. This film features a good mix of romance, action, various double-crosses and plot twists, and humour. It moves at a fair old clip and is rarely boring, instead building to some thrilling moments at the climax.

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