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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheXeroXone 7 / 10 / 10

Revenge of the Nerds meets Jigsaw

Not a great film, but not as horrible the run of the mill torture fests that have been pumped out as of late. The torture scenes are, for the most part, very badly acted out (with the notable exception of Emily's character) with very little blood (there's more blood in an Indiana Jones fight scene), but also very poetic as each bully and princess is confronted with their own crime and "punished" accordingly. Granted this film probably wont do for school bullies what Fatal Attraction did for adulterers, but its definitely a step in that direction. Don't believe me? Take a look at the message boards for this film and look at all the posts coming from people scared that people are going to take this film literally. As you watch this film, please remember that society and its shared ethics are based on a willingness to co-exist. When all is said and done, what have you done to make people want to co-exist with you? When people are no longer willing, will someone be coming for you?

Reviewed by Tracieew 7 / 10 / 10

Not to be missed

I was told to watch this from some of my friends under the pre-tense that it was chilling. I was not disappointed. It starts of showing what most schools are like, you have the popular kids who are beautiful and basically rule the school, and then you have the kids who are the outcasts. They are bullied everyday, all day for no apparent reason. This of course causes them great distress and so they decide to band together to get revenge. There is an atmosphere of tension throughout the film, which makes it impossible to turn away. There are some truly horrid scenes which aren't very gory but will make you grit your teeth and hope it ends soon. The actors did a good job on both parts to portray normal kids who have gone a bit "mad" and of being tortured. I recommend that you watch this

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 7 / 10 / 10

Interesting, to say the least

Well this movie was a surprise. I was expecting some mediocre mass-produced horror flick, but it proved to be much more than that. There is a genuine disturbing aspect to the story of this movie. It shows the darker and scarier sides of mankind's mentality and the lengths of which some will go. Of course, what happens in the movie is a bit out there and a bit too over the top, but still there is some sense of disturbing reality to it. And that is what makes this movie so cool, the essence of its twisted character. The cast of the movie did a good job in bringing their characters to life in believable ways, and hats off to them for that. For without these performances the movie would not work as well as it did. And it was also a nice touch to see references to other horror movies, especially the reference to one of my all time ever favorite horror movies, the Japanese movie "Audition". This surely brought a smile to my lips. This movie is not scary in the tradition sense of trying to scare you out of your seat, but it plants a seed of forebrooding dread, a seed that blooms throughout the movie as the events come to be. This movie gets under your skin and will stay with you for some time, as it bears many similarities to events that have happened throughout the years, or events that would very likely come to happen. I recommend this movie strongly, especially if you like movies that give you stuff to think about. Do not expect to be scared out of your mind, but know that you will be in for some psychological thrills and scares. This movie should not be missed.

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