The First Power


Crime / Horror / Thriller

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Bill Moseley as Darryl
Jeff Kober as Stone
Lou Diamond Phillips as Mario Monje
Mykelti Williamson as Sgt. Hayes
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Scott LeBrun 5 / 10 / 10

Very routine overall.

Lou Diamond Phillips stars in this supernatural horror / action hybrid as Russell Logan, a young LAPD detective who's good at catching serial killers. Thanks to a hot tip from psychic Tess Seaton (Tracy Griffith, the half-sister of Melanie G.), his latest arrest turns out to be Patrick Channing (Jeff Kober), the so-called "Pentagram Killer". You guessed it: the gas chamber eliminates Channings' body, but now his spirit is free to inhabit the bodies of various unlucky people. Channing then sets about taunting and mocking Logan while continuing to commit murder. Logan teams up with Seaton, and eventually, a headstrong young nun named Sister Marguerite (Elizabeth Arlen), to take on Channing. "Weak" would be the right word to describe this effort by writer & director Robert Resnikoff. Anybody who'd seen "The Hidden" and even Wes Cravens' "Shocker" before seeing this would have gotten a serious case of deja vu. While his movie remains basically watchable, Resnikoff fails to bring very much that's interesting or fresh to this familiar old plot. There are fun plot details here and there: a wicked combination crucifix / dagger obtained by Marguerite, and the sight of Channing grabbing a ceiling fan and using it as a weapon. Resnikoff deals largely in cliché, especially when it comes to Logans' partner Oliver Franklin (Mykelti Williamson). That said, it's still a hoot when we come to learn of Channings' parentage. The music score by Stewart Copeland of The Police is good but unexceptional. Some of the cast make this worth sticking with. Phillips isn't too convincing as a tough cop, but he at least fares better than the sexy Griffith, who really isn't much of an actress. Williamson and Arlen are good. Dennis Lipscomb and Carmen Argenziano co-star; in small roles you can see the likes of David Gale, Brian Libby, Grand L. Bush, David Katims, Scott Lawrence, Bill Moseley, and Melanie Shatner. Best of all is Kober, an actor often cast as creepy villains, and he's reasonably fun, although his dialogue is frequently lame. Not much to recommend here. The ending is particularly bad. Five out of 10.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 8 / 10 / 10

supernatural serial killer leftovers

Sister Marguerite is convinced that the events of the Revelation is occurring but her superiors would rather ignore it. An anonymous woman calls LA police detective Russell Logan (Lou Diamond Phillips) with a tip on a serial killer. His team catches serial killer Patrick Channing (Jeff Kober) who is eventually put to death. The mysterious woman had warned against the death penalty. Channing's spirit lives on and is killing Logan's team one at a time. Tess Seaton (Tracy Griffith) reveals herself to be the psychic who called him with the tips. This is filled with the leftovers of a supernatural serial killer thriller. It doesn't have much in the way of originality or surprises. The style is pretty bland and Lou Diamond Phillips is second rate as the action lead. Tracy Griffith is a pretty woman but not a great actress. The beginning is tied up with an uninvolving serial killer case. It would probably be better to leave most of it as flashbacks. It needs to get the movie to the cop and the psychic much faster. It does have some fun with a supernatural killer and the movie keeps me somewhat interested. If it commits more fully with the Jason-like killer, this could be a better horror and a more exciting thriller. The horror effects are more cheesy than scary. It does have one good sequence in the middle.

Reviewed by Raegan Butcher 8 / 10 / 10

fast paced supernatural thriller

You can only see a movie for the first time once and so I have to admit that THE FIRST POWER worked on me the first time I saw it in theaters. It moved with such lightning speed that I didn't have time to ponder its snowballing silliness. The director, Robert Resnikoff, knows how to construct an action film--the cinematography is first rate and the editing superb-- he just doesn't know when to stop. There are car chases, horse and buggy chases, foot chases and innumerable shoot-outs, and at one point the killer even brandishes a ceiling fan as a rather laughable weapon and all the action movie huggery-muggery sits rather uneasily on top of the supernatural elements.Lou Diamond Philips, though a tad young-looking to be such a seasoned detective, gives a competent performance. Jeff Kober is obviously having fun playing the killer and it shows; he has a toothy menace that's suitably creepy. Probably the best thing going for THE FIRST POWER is a truly unnerving and effective soundtrack from Stewart Copeland. The director pulls off some nasty mind-trips on the character played by Philips, one where he wakes to find his apartment seemingly covered in blood and another in a confessional booth when he goes to get some answers from a local priest.

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