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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by randomanon 1 / 10 / 10

Not a documentary

An incoherent mess. This so called "documentary" does not present any coherent, logical reasons to believe Mr. Armstrong is anything but the runner of a Ponzi scheme. However, this is not how the story is presented to the viewer, instead all kinds of conspiracies (and incoherent predictions) are suggested. Almost all of the people being interviewed appear to be somehow involved in the scheme. Any Ponzi huckster needs to be able to BS his way to the top, and to cover his BS with even greater BS. If Mr. Armstrong made valid predictions, they should review a set of verifiably published predictions, not allow the people to pick and describe what predictions they made and how uncannily accurate they were. In every Ponzi scheme, a lot of people did not believe it actually was a Ponzi scheme even after it was revealed to be such. There are a great number of Ponzi schemes involving algorithms purportedly predicting the market. Using the value of pi to predict markets is a ridiculous concept. In every Ponzi scheme, one essential question is that if somebody can predict the market, why would that person share this information with anybody? If the predictions become common knowledge, the market adjusts to these predictions, and there are no gains to be had.

Reviewed by svenhaadem 10 / 10 / 10


There is absolutely no critical view in this "documentary". This mad man model seems to be taken straight from the movie PI and are never questioned. There are absolutely no logical connections between pi and further behavior of the stock marked just some "observations" he has done. This is pseudo-science at its worst. There are so many attempts at wow moments. Maybe the worst is when we are shown a list that says 1998 on it and we are supposed to believe that this is actually written in 1998. The premise of the movie is that his model works and everyone who questions him is part of a conspiracy to keep him silent. Don't forget, he is a convicted financial felon. He makes a ton of predictions, many that often contradict each other: April 2014 "World War III Is On The Horizon" Aug 2014 "Kiss paper money goodbye" Aug 2014 "WE ARE WITNESSING THE COLLAPSE OF DEMOCRACY" Sept 2014 "The Collapse of Socialism Driven by Political Corruption" Sept 2014 "''Martin Armstrong Fears 'Pension Funds Will Be Taken To Fund Infrastructure'' Sept 2014 "Spain is Militarizing Against Citizens – The Coming Civil War?" Sept 2014 "Scottish Rigged Vote'' Aug 2013 - Dow 30,000 and "THE STOCK MARKET WILL DOUBLE BY 2015!" Aug 2014 - "the US share market rising sharply," and "the cash SP500 should reach the 3000 level." And in Sept 2014 - "The Stock Market Will Keep On Climbing Financial Survival Network" Oct 2014 - "''November is still our target for a near-term correct low.'' and so on....

Reviewed by bruisernd 10 / 10 / 10

An Oracle who has compiled the quantitative and objective facts of financial history , with proprietary computer analysis with uncanny accuracy and results.

I was registered in stocks, bonds and commodities 41 years ago after completing a grueling training period on Wall Street with some of Wall Streets finest White Shoe firms. I regularly followed the work of Martin Armstrong for my career as an Exchange Member, professional broker, trader, analyst and author of a daily institutional Treasury Bond hedging market letter , known as "From the Floor of the Chicago Board of Trade." People who dream of learning the language finance and desire to view the financial markets through the perfect prism should learn "The Forecaster's " story. You'll never view the world the same again. Martin Armstrong is dialed in like few that ever traded . Come see the world in a way that you never have seen it before in your life. RTF/360

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