The Four Feathers


Adventure / Drama / Romance / War

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John Laurie as Murdoch
June Duprez as Marina Tanev
Leslie Phillips as Bit Part
Ralph Richardson as Karenin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ron Oliver 10 / 10 / 10

Rousing Adventure Epic

A young English army officer resigns his commission just as war in Africa breaks out. His 3 best friends, officers all, and his fiancée each give him a white feather - the sign of the coward. Shunned & ostracized, he undertakes a mission to clear his honour & prove his courage. This is a wonderful British adventure film, equally on a par with anything Hollywood was to produce in that golden year of 1939. Shot in color, with spare-no-expense filming in the Sudan, THE FOUR FEATHERS is a paean to the glory days of Victoria's Empire & the men who fought to build it. Sir John Clements is excellent as the young hero. Although virtually unknown to American audiences his entire career, Sir John was a very fine actor with a warmly distinctive voice which he uses here to advantage. Sir Ralph Richardson appears, terrific as always, as one of the friends; so does John Laurie, very good as the troublesome Khalifa. Sir C. Aubrey Smith, magnificent as a curmudgeonly old general, provides the final hurdle Sir John must jump to regain his reputation.

Reviewed by tonstant viewer 10 / 10 / 10

What's Good Is Still Good

No, this isn't how we regard military service or Empire anymore, and I hope it's not how we regard other peoples and races, but there are things about this picture that still getcha. The film celebrates friendship and mutual obligation. It celebrates courage and determination. It celebrates a beautiful young couple and the love that conquers all, and celebrates the fact that the movies never let the funny-looking guy get the girl. It celebrates C. Aubrey Smith's eyebrows, and that's reason enough to watch any film. The real heroes are Ralph Richardson, for acting at least 100% in every scene, never coasting or losing concentration for a minute, and the euphoniously named Osmond Borrodaile, whose second unit cinematography in faraway locations with monstrous cameras under difficult conditions enlivened many a movie.

Reviewed by srschulz 10 / 10 / 10

Lives in my memory as a true classic of the British Empire

I cannot recall when I first saw this movie, certainly more than 30 years ago, but it is one that I've never forgotten and watch again whenever I can. Of the actors, only Ralph Richardson and C. Aubrey Smith are familiar. However, the ensemble play of the lesser known actors is certainly outstanding. I can still remember the determination of young Faversham desperately trying to regain his honor and his girl. After all these years I don't remember the finer details, but the film as a whole, as well as the book on which it is based are classics, and I'm certain Miklos Rozsa's lush strains added much to the overall effect. It's a film well worth seeing for those who enjoy derring-do and historical drama. I've never seen any of the other versions to see if I enjoyed them even half as much.

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