The Game of Their Lives


Drama / History / Sport

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Gerard Butler as John Garrity
John Rhys-Davies as Pinky Steuben
Wes Bentley as Mickey Gravatski
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by g-white723 8 / 10 / 10

(Probably) The Biggest Upset in Football History

The is a good film about probably the biggest upset in football history - certainly it is viewed that way in the UK. In 1950 England's football team was regarded as the number one team in the world. They had never competed in the World Cup because they viewed it as beneath them in some way (as did the other British teams). England had never been defeated by foreign (non British) opposition on home soil, so they were a tad arrogant. This is an interesting film about football history. The game very much in its infancy in America, starts in St. Louis where the manager scouts a set of amateur players to play for the national team. Gerard Butler plays the goal keeper Frank Borghi, which in a bad team, turns out to be the hero, and Wes Bentley plays team captain Walter Bahr. Interestingly the team captain had a much bigger role than they have today. He was involved in team selection and tactics. The Americans realise early on they are likely to get a hiding from the more experienced professional teams, but that is where the emotion of the film comes in as the team bond around the hero goal keeper and team captain. Probably because this is a really embarrassing moment in England's football history, and America's ambivalence towards the game, explains why it has taken 60 odd years for this story to come to the big screen. The period details, and sports action looked authentic and the big finale is a highlights coverage of the famous game. The acting is fine all round. As a football fan this is an entertaining and informative film. I've only ever seen black and photographs of the this game so it great to see a film which fills in the full story. 8/10.

Reviewed by guisreis 1 / 10 / 10

A great World Cup story badly portrayed in a boring film full of prejudices and clichés

The victory of the United States over England in the first British participation in a football (soccer) World Cup, in Brazil 1950, has been a historical match which certainly deserves a good film. Unfortunately, "The game of their lives" is far from being good. It is full of clichés (the song, the narration, the military patriotic scene...) and prejudice (the black guy is the comic character, Haitians have exotic behavior and religion, Brazilians play samba and dance all the time...). Besides that, there are many historical inaccuracies that could be easily avoided (you can check them in Wikipedia). At least the team played with its proper jersey in the match. The screenplay is bad (too much obvious, exaggeratedly emotional) and the dialogs are poor and always fail in the goal of being funny. Indeed, the film is quite boring since its beginning and gets worse as you see its other problems. There are much better examples of an underdog story in a World Cup as a non-documentary movie. Serbian "Montevideo, God Bless You!", about Yugoslavian participation in the fist world tournament in Uruguay 1930, is very nice. "The Miracle of Bern", from Germany, about German first world triumph, against mythical Hungary in Switzerland 1954, is amazingly good, perfect! Though, in spite of the good real story, "The game of their lives" is disappointing.

Reviewed by margo3883 1 / 10 / 10

What a waste.....

Good Heavens...! I just saw it - after several previous attempts that had failed- and was SO disappointed by the result. What was it ? Cause it certainly couldn't have passed as a film. I admit i had to check the director's name and his previous filmography cause i couldn't believe this thing had even a director. Being an European i'm pretty aware about football, certainly i'm not the most ardent fan, yet i do watch football games and i enjoyed VERY much another film of 1981 called "Victory" and one of 1997 "Fever Pitch"- both being quite football centered. In fact "Victory" is in my top 10 movies of all times. However this "Miracle Game" movie was VERY poor ( and this can be received as an euphimism) -especially in directing. It was not lack of actors or plot, yet the script - perhaps- and the directing blew the whole thing to the air. As for the message of the story.....let's not take this subject. It's too much biased, constantly portraying England/English as arrogant and snob while all the time the movie is bursting out with US pride and smug. It's getting irritating at the end. It's like the other players were not playing for their nations as well, since we know that national teams - especially back in '50s- were pretty much non professional and most of all, everyone in every country was making the effort for their country above all. Too pity for at least three actors - Gerard Butler and the Mandylor brothers who were deserving better than this catastrophe.

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