The Glorious Seven



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by donkino-71456 10 / 10 / 10

Swollen action with a dramatic basis

If you don't expect this film to be a festival revelation, you won't be disappointed. You get exactly what you pay for - a lot of shots and tricks, beautiful women, brave muscle fighters, harsh unshaven rebels in the South American jungle, picturesque landscapes, liters of artificial blood and a great mood. When I was a kid, such films were always on TV and VHS. So, if you are nostalgic for the 90's, if your life seems fresh to you, drop everything and watch Glorious Seven immediately.

Reviewed by Rosamundocaralle 10 / 10 / 10

This movie is 2 in one:action and love story!Cool,i like it!

I am not a big fan of action movies,but in this movie I have seen also the story between the lines.International actors make the movie colourful and unusual.And different locations,wow!It seems that the movie was shot in 5 different countries.This is a kind of movie,which you should watch not to think much,but to relax.Me and my boyfriend got a pleasure and even made fun.

Reviewed by toniagliata-824-186458 10 / 10 / 10

ACtion and Fun in a great and light compination

I really enjoyed watching that movie. because it is high entertaining and the same time fun bringing the audience at all parts of the world. I like very much the simplicity and the way of telling a action-story without bloody splatter and deep serious meaning. I am sure that there are a lot of people thinking like me. That want to see action, story and entertainment without brutality. Cinema should be again more like that. Entering a journey into beautiful environments and interesting settings. If I want to see horror and brutal death its enough to see news. I have the feeling that there is a new movement of cinema being entertaining but not to realistic. Have a look at how James Bond movies changed over the decades.. Honestly I like more the older ones which where more about entering e journey than seeing suffering and blood. Lets take Glodfinger. I can only say great job... They got the line between.

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