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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stvclrk 9 / 10 / 10

An elegant, beautifully shot film about Brexit Britain

This film is mysterious, creepy, pained and deeply allegorical. Tonally it is close to a horror but most important is the emotional turmoil of the farmer, struggling with illness and only able to cope with the support of her migrant workers who she has a difficult relationship with. When they start to disappear her struggles only deepen into desperation. And this is where the film works beautifully, when The Good Neighbour appears and she finds some respite in their company. See this if you liked Under The Skin.

Reviewed by annietyson-35992 9 / 10 / 10

Compelling and at times unnerving

This is a fascinating film - sort of sci-Fi, sort of thriller, sort of psychological drama dealing with personal ordeal. It's simple - nothing in the way of big effects but character driven and there are beautiful performances - unshowy and subtle from Fiona Hampton and George Taylor - who manages to make silence incredibly eloquent. There are some interesting inferences and the film touches on the state of the UK after Brexit as well as telling its main story. It has done edge of the seat moments but remains human and moving at times. Cinemaphotography beautiful and the pace, while quite slow, is really well sustained. I loved it.

Reviewed by hannahmemg 9 / 10 / 10

Worth watching - Original & Clever Film

As a person who is not normally a massive sci-fi or horror fan I had certain assumptions and reservations before watching. However they were quickly put in their place. This is a cleverly written, beautifully shot and produced film. It uses subtle sci-fi/horror sub text and tones in a brilliant way, and the lack of big flashy effects is what makes this film so unnerving at times and so real. For me it has all the elements of a great psychological thriller too, making you actively, unavoidably involved as a viewer by the two main characters 'Jodie' and 'the traveller' who pull you in, have you intrigued, uncomfortable, second guessing yourself, and invested in both their stories. Great original British film, with great performances. Definitely worth watching!

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