The Governor's Wife


Crime / Mystery / Thriller

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March 21, 2020


Emily Bergl as Dr. Heather McManus
Marilu Henner as Carol
Scout Taylor-Compton as Torrance Caldwell
Timothy Bottoms as President George W. Bush
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by g404c 8 / 10 / 10


Marilu Henner gives an over-the-top performance in The Governor's Wife, which I caught on LMN last night. The movie is very predictable to the extent that the viewer can clearly differentiate the "good guys and the bad guys" within the first few minutes. But, that is not important. This thriller is more fun than anything and it is basically just an easy way to pass the time when you want to veg out. Henner is the "the Governor's wife" and she makes the most out of the character. In summary, when the Governor is murdered, Henner summons her son (played by Matt Keeslar) and his fiancé (Emily Bergl) from LA to Santa Barbara. Henner and Bergl instantly clash. Meanwhile, a series of murders take place, all somehow connected to the deceased Governor. I like movies like this--they are fun, easy on the eyes and don't take much energy to stay engaged. There are some beautiful exterior shots of LA and Southern California. All the acting is pretty much credible except for some outlandish moments but they are more fun than annoying. Henner looks great. Worth a look if you have nothing else to do.

Reviewed by dbborroughs 4 / 10 / 10

Poor TV movie

The governor is killed and his wife summons their son to her. She begins her scheming in the hopes of consolidating power. Then more murders happen. Weak TV movie of the week does no one connected to it any favors. The weak script is under cut by sub-TV production (you can feel the crew standing behind the camera). The only one who seem to be doing more then walk through their paces is the cast, but while they are mostly game, they have nothing to work with. I'm sure this looked good on paper but on screen it plays badly. I'm still trying to work out what made me think this would even be good to rent.

Reviewed by blanche-2 4 / 10 / 10

I'd say unintentionally hilarious but alas, it wasn't

Deadly Suspicion is an absolutely dreadful 2008 movie starring Marilu Henner as the widow of a murdered man. And how did I know the distributor of this dreck was none other than Lifetime? It had its particular stamp - less than mediocre. This is one of those films that, ten seconds after it starts, you know the entire story, including any subplots that haven't been mentioned yet. Henner wants her son (Matt Kesslar) to enter politics like his father, but he comes home with a fiancée who is a doctor (Emily Bergl), and neither of them are interested in public political life. Meanwhile, the governor's daughter Hayley is in a mental institution, overdrugged. The acting is beyond awful. Marilu Henner is a lovely woman but just doesn't make it as a domineering matron. The ending is more like a horror movie, but then I could say that the whole thing was one big horror.

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