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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dariom606 8 / 10 / 10

One of my Sergio Martino's favorite

For many people this is one of the worst by Sergio Martino, but I really love it. First I gotta say that I love Sergio Martino and for me he is maybe the best exploitation Italian director, better than Di Leo and Lenzi too. Big Caimano River is a real b-movie, and I say that as a compliment: a real b-movie as today nobody do anymore. It's a sort of "Jaws" rip-off, with a big alligator which scares a small village in the forest. The movie is sometime stupid, but is so funny. You can easily see that the alligator is fake, but this doesn't disturb me. Instead, I think it's almost touching: that time is over, the time of the house made fx-effects. The underwater ending sequence is fantastic. Also the truck is fake but, you know, that's b-movie. And that's what I like.

Reviewed by bensonmum2 9 / 10 / 10

I had fun with it regardless of how bad it really is

A photographer and model are flown to a new resort hotel in the middle of the jungle to shoot some publicity photos. The hotel is owned by a ruthless developer who appears to have little regard for the environment or the people surrounding his paradise. He has hired many members of a local tribe to work for him in his hotel. But what the developer hasn't counted on is that the land Paradise House sits on is sacred to the tribe. It's the home of their giant alligator god, Kroona. After the model goes missing, the photographer finds it difficult to convince anyone that something is wrong. Has the model become another sacrifice to Kroona? The Big Alligator River is a mish-mash of ideas from a lot of other movies. The most obvious influence comes from Jaws. Martino admits on the DVD that Jaws was the inspiration behind this movie. The scenes of kicking legs in the water being stalked by a POV shot or of a large unseen creature attacking a boat or of the alligator's inevitable demise are almost direct rip-offs of Jaws. Among the other influences I noticed was King Kong. A woman being tied sacrificially to a wooden raft is very reminiscent of Fay Wray's plight. As for the alligator, it hardly comes across as realistic. Instead, it looks almost like a stiff rubber child's toy. Victims must remain virtually immobile if the alligator is to get his mouth around their bodies. In recent reviews I've read of Jaws, I've noticed more and more complaints about how "fake" the shark looks. I would advise anyone who feels this way to steer clear of Kroona from The Big Alligator River. Beyond the bad special effects, The Big Alligator River features a less than stellar storyline (it drags in many places), generally poor acting (there are exceptions of course), and just plain silly dialogue. But given these weaknesses I can't bring myself to rate this movie any lower. I had too much fun with it and will eventually watch it again. Despite the flaws, I found it to be good cheesy fun. It might not be everyone's cup of tea, but it's mine. On the positive side, The Big Alligator River has one of the best, most enjoyable set-pieces I've seen in a while. The scene where many of the hotel guests are trapped in the water between the alligator on one side and a group of natives throwing flaming spears at anyone attempting to escape on the other side is remarkably effective. Pick your poison – being chomped by an alligator or being shish-kabobed by the natives. It's the definite highlight of the movie for me.

Reviewed by Aylmer 9 / 10 / 10

excellent jungle splatter film from the talented Sergio Martino

Obviously a stylized foreign film like this would fly right over the heads of American audiences. The late Claudio Cassinelli stars as a photographer who (with his girlfriend Barbara Bach - wife of Ringo Starr) helps to combat a giant alligator god "Kruna" from destroying a multi-million dollar tourist trap (in more ways than one) in Africa somewhere. Of course their exploits are further complicated when the local tribesmen decide to go on a violent killing spree and slaughter nearly all the annoying tourists. (yay!) Mel Ferrer (Audrey Hepburn's hubby) also stars as the greedy landlord of the resort, who lives just long enough to see his dreams of wealth and high society burning to the ground. I really loved this movie; excellent Stelvio Cipriani 70's jungle music and some cutting-edge Giancarlo Ferrando camerawork gave this a uniquely cruel and menacing atmosphere. The alligator is great looking and the death scenes are done with great skill and panache. Great cast too, with small parts played by Bobby Rhodes, Richard Johnson, and Romano Puppo. Would have been Sergio Martino's best film if not for 2019 - After the Fall of New York. Not to mention an extremely high bodycount and a slick script co-written by George Eastman (!), Ernesto Gastaldi, Cesare Frugoni, and several others. Martino went on to ruin his career with such turkeys as Mani di Pietra (HANDS OF STEEL) and CASABLANCA EXPRESS. BTW - at one point the characters do express surprise that Kruna is an alligator, not a crocodile thank you very much. Highly recommended.

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