The Green Man



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Alastair Sim as Hawkins
Arthur Lowe as Bit Part
George Cole as William Blake
Terry-Thomas as Charles Boughtflower
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by c1mclaug 10 / 10 / 10

Classic British farce

Great performance from Alistair Sim surely Britains greatest actor (well I think so), with good performances from the rest of the cast, especially Terry Thomas a top hoe old boy performance. The film is farcical in the best tradition of British farce, man caught in compromising position with another man's fiancée under a bed, man caught in compromising position with same fiancée in her under garments, a murder,a missing body, plus confusion and misunderstanding, but all good clean innocent fun, maybe the plot does contain more holes than a swiss that not what farce is meant to be, the audience see the outrageousness and implausibility of the situation while the characters think it's all perfectly normal and explainable, but above all the film is truly funny and it contains one of the funniest lines in British film comedy, when the character Reginald Willoughby-Cruft (Colin Gordon) confronts William Blake (George Cole) and says, "by heaven I'd thrash the life out of you, if I didn't have to read the 9 o'clock news." How much more British can you get!!

Reviewed by alexander-c 9 / 10 / 10

The Very Best of Alistair Sim

A look at the cast should be enough to make anyone want to watch this film but with a beautifully complicated farcical plot and the best performance on screen of Alistair Sim, no-one should fail to enjoy its black humour. Even in a not-quite-top-drawer film, Mr Sim's acting would pull it out of the mire, but in this case everything is the tops. His expressive face is used to full effect throughout the film, nonce more so than his re-action to the lovely trio's rendering of Brahm's Hungarian Rhapsody. The initial re-action to the opening notes is funny enough but as the music progresses Sim's face and body movements are priceless. It's good too to see such luminaries as Arthur Lowe behind the counter in the electrical shop (instead of managing the bank in Walmington-on-Sea) and Arthur Borough (Glass of water for Mr Grainger) in early roles. A lovely performance too from a young Dora Bryan as Terry-Thomas's extra-marital acquaintance willing to perjure herself for the beautiful Jill Adams when she thinks her father has traced her to "The Green Man". All in all an hour and a quarter's really good fun.

Reviewed by beresfordjd 9 / 10 / 10

Sim's genius performance

As always Alistair Sim brings his genius for comedy to a great British farce from the fifties. He seems to give an effortless performance as ever, making today's so called "comic" actors a lesson on how to do it. Even Peter Sellers, good as he was, could not approach this guy. Unjustly underrated by the British Establishment (all too keen to shower knighthoods etc. on lesser talents)Sim can elicit mirth from the slightest gesture or subtle change of expression. And that voice!! Incredibly mellifluous and characterful, he delivers lines like no-one else can ,apart from , perhaps, Kelsey Grammar in "Frasier". Try to see all his movies and you will not regret it - when the movies are not so great he always is. Just because the films are old does not render them uninteresting or unwatchable. A pity younger movie buffs do not study actors like Sim any more.

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