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François Truffaut as Julien Davenne
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bts1984 10 / 10 / 10

When the french were the most peculiar and bizarre people in the world

France was once in the leadership of many things: eccentricity, originality, cinema, music, technology, fashion, art, constructions, futuristic stuff, in their strange yet marvelous cars, in the peculiar personality of people, in their unique sense of humor… This movie, is a representative of the bizarre generation of French. Even though Truffaut was and still is a very popular movie director, this one was always one of his lesser known works. That is not very surprising because, admittedly, this is not a film for everyone. It's dark, it's somber, it's very strange and its thematic is not only strong but also a bit disturbing and uncomfortable: a man obsessed with death and the dead. Definitely not an "easy" film... It's normal to honor the dead and remember them for life, but the lead character (Julien Davenne) tries too hard to honor them. After at least a decade, his obsession seems to grow stronger than ever. As a result, he develops a bitter temper (such as when he demands to destroy the statue of his deceased wife because he disliked what he got) and is so dead inside and obsessed with his dead ones that he almost completely forgets the people around him who are alive and that he himself is alive and has a life to live. Even so, this is one of Truffaut's great movies. It's very different from his other films, being unique in that way. Truffaut was a great director but also a great actor. His performance as the death-obsessed guy is admirable, but I wonder how would it have been like if Charles Denner had played the part. Truffaut originally wanted to cast him for that role, but he wasn't available back then, so Truffaut ended up playing the part himself. Title in Portugal: 'O Quarto Verde'.

Reviewed by wobelix 10 / 10 / 10

What about the kid ?

Most reviews here are positive, and luckily so: this is a tremendous film. Thought provoking, even disturbing a bit. And wonderfully photographed by Maestro Nestor Almendros. The film simply looks stupendous ! What seems odd is that not one review here, against or for this film, mentions the mute child. Is there significance to his part, other than to show that Julien Davenne cannot communicate with the world except in obituaries and in sign language ? It is hard to tell, but the role played by the blonde kid is quite poetic, and maybe for that reason alone an asset for this 'La Chambre Verte', which is as wonderful as it is unsettling.

Reviewed by gabrielsangel 10 / 10 / 10

Truffaut's most personal film

I was very impressed, when I watched this movie for the first time. I only knew Truffaut's most popular films (like Jules et Jim or Fahrenheit 451) by then. This film is so completely different than the ones mentioned above. I think Truffaut shows us his inner-self by playing the role of Julien Davenne, a journalist obsessed with the idea of building an altar for his dead. The audience gets a direct access to his feelings and thoughts about life and death. This film is a chance to understand Truffaut and his work better. He knew that the film would not be a box-office hit, but that was not important to Truffaut. He liked the short-stories by Henry James and just did what he wanted to. In my opinion Truffaut did a beautiful job by making this film. I think this film demands very much from its viewers. "The Green Room" provokes a self-reflection in the viewer. The viewer has to deal with his own attitude towards life and death. So this is not an easy film to watch. But if you want a film that differs from all the high-tech, action-loaded movies of the present that simultaneously gives you a very personal access to the man who made it, "The Green Room" is a good choice.

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