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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by murraylang12 10 / 10 / 10

Funny and real!!

We went to see this in the GFT and we are are British Finnish couple. As a Brit I've been made to suffer many Finnish films and this was by far the best :). I really enjoyed it. It was very funny and really made you think about the difference between generations, gender and culture- in fact I'm still thinking about the things in it that made me laugh and whether they were because my partner is Finnish, a man or suck in the past! I thought the end the film was quite beautiful and showed an example of how even with age, experience and stubbornness we can still be wrong but realise the beauty in the people around us is a thing to treasure and love.

Reviewed by shakala-2 4 / 10 / 10

The world according to The Grump

I haven't read any of the books before seeing the movie. Of course I did my background checks, and was first disappointed with the fact that there wasn't much left of what I expected The Grump to be. But the warmth oh Antti Litja's character completely blew me away. Remember, he is The Grump, this is his movie. Maybe the story is a bit detached at certain times, maybe the plot is a bit shattered. But this is an old man's story, this is HIS story. I expected him to be much more "against everything" ... but he was a really warm character, really trying to do his best to understand a world he really couldn't. From his point on view, what would this world look like? Too busy, too broken, too cold. Maybe, the movie jumps a bit too much, and lacks continuity in the plot. It might lack some sense ... but that's exactly like the Grump sees it. So, maybe, the movie shows it exactly like it should.

Reviewed by j-jameson 4 / 10 / 10

It was a mess

I had low expectations with this movie, but it was still quite disappointing. I have not read the book the story is based on, but it has to be better than this. The movie totally lacks good spirit and for the viewer it's difficult to decide which genre this movie is trying to be. There's some awkward comedy where you should be laughing to an elder, then there's some over the top drama and also little hint of trying to be an art-retro-type of movie. Movie might give you few good laughs if you leave your brains to sleep. However it lacks a lot of deepness and what made me dislike this movie the most is that the scenes are too separate to carry on a whole full feature film. Also it made the crowd feel sad that the daughter-in- law and son were so rude to 80-year old main character. There were too many scenes where daughter-in-law is angry with the old man because of his old believes and in one scene his son decides to crash his old loved car to a tree for some really selfish reason, but the story is told to the viewer as these people acted properly towards the old main character. I don't usually enjoy movies that lack clear morals without any believable explanation. However the main problem with Mielens├Ąpahoittaja is the lack of structure and badly executed plot.

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