The Guilt Trip


Comedy / Drama

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Adam Scott as Lt. Terrence Embry
Colin Hanks as Drunk Frat Dude
Seth Rogen as Herschel Greenbaum / Ben Greenbaum
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by John Ferreira 8 / 10 / 10

Ignore the Commercials. See Film on it's own Merits

The Paramount marketing department would have you think this film is a wacky laugh fest. Which is a pity, since more people would enjoy the film if their expectations were different. They go in thinking the film is one way. When in reality, it's a whole other thing. The film is much more touching, funny, and real. I cared about the two main characters, and how they interacted. I was interested in what was at stake for them. For me, the smaller moments of the film made it enjoyable. It was delightful to see Streisand and Rogen working off each other like they have known each other for years. Be sure to stay for the credits to see just how well they played off each other.

Reviewed by mark.waltz 5 / 10 / 10

Nothing like a lot of smotherly love.

They're off on the road to aggravation in this unfunny, annoying, cloying and loud comedy of untied apron strings. What should be "Funny Grandma" becomes "The Way We Weren't", a rushed script that questions why the allegedly picky Babs would choose to let this script go through without changes, seeming more like the Lifetime TV movie "Smothered" (with Diane Keaton) while aspiring but failing to be the touching and triumphant "Only the Lonely", a much better written version of mothers and son's relationships. With a truly dull, uninterested performance by Seth Rogen, this ends up not only truly bad, but unbelievably boring as well. Streisand must have cringed when she had to refer to Rogen as her "Little Donald Trump". She was an amazing comic actress early in her career, and a few of those films really didn't have great scripts, either. Their plots often were absurd, but none were more unbelievable than this story of mother and son on a business road trip. Rogen's motivation for taking her along? To supposedly reunite her with somebody from her past. Her good intentioned interfering is unfunny, and he reacts unnaturally to all of it. There's no redeeming value in this, making it another missed opportunity for a veteran star intermingling with young actors, where the spark is completely absent.

Reviewed by Destroyer Wod 5 / 10 / 10

I guess i was just not the target audience...

I really like Seth Rogen's stuff. Pineaple Express and Superbad are among my favourite comedies of all time and his later efforts like The Night Before and Neighbors really made me laugh and where very enjoyable. Yet i always skipped this movie because i had a feeling it wouldn't be that funny. I stumble on it in one of those bargain bin in a video store, just the DVD with no case for 2$, so at that price... why not. I watched the movie and well, it was what i expected, maybe even less funny. Its not to say the movie does not have qualities and i can totally understand another audience could actually like this movie, but for a Rogen fan expecting some crude humours and big jokes, this movie does not have much. Its just not really funny. I chuckles maybe 3 times trough the whole movie. In the end there is nothing much i can say that has not been said already. This movie is not bad by any mean but i didn't enjoyed it, i was a bit bored at time, probably because i simply am not the target audience.

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