The Haunted


Horror / Mystery / Thriller

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November 2, 2019



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jackmeat 4 / 10 / 10

Not horrible, just not that good

My quick rating - 3,9/10. Don't mind the 1/10 ratings on IMDB, it surely is not that bad however it isn't all that good either. This movie is just a story about one woman stuck in a haunted house for one night. Straight and to the point. Couple jump scares here and there, and a very slow burn to a twist ending that really doesn't surprise anyone. A decent attempt on a shoestring budget with a solid performance but she just doesn't have much to work with. I'd pass up on this one.

Reviewed by deathchild28 1 / 10 / 10


If i had the choice between staring at a big pile of steaming donkey poop or watching this movie ever again, you better believe that i would stare at the big pile of any day of the week. Dont be tempted by the 'from the producer of' poster.. this movie is absolute crap. Do yourself a favour and avoid this 75 minutes of boringness. The budget must have been incredibly low, there are many errors, no explanation to any of it and an ending that just leaves a massive.

Reviewed by duckboy-94171 1 / 10 / 10

This shouldn't be aloud !

Here's how this film got made........ writer/director went to the studio with his screenplay....... they said ok.....gave him $20 & said make us a movie.......THE END !!!

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