The Haunting of Alcatraz



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jlaws-85100 7 / 10 / 10

Corruption, Ghosts, and Violence

Wow, although I've seen better movie's, all the ingredients for a good story are here !! You have the Warden posturing to a new kid he believes he can browbeat, because the kid needs a good reference. Using nepotism as one of his posturing points, You have the cruel guards getting rid of inmates for outside paying customers, and then you have the history of "The Rock" !! Once a dumping place for native American mentally infirm, added to by the unnatural, and untimely (also unlawful) deaths of 5 year's worth of unfortunate immates all wrapped up in D Block. The block that in real life drove many men mad !! Add to this a young kid, innocent, educated, but also innocent enough to see/hear, and investigate all of the visions he was seeing !! I saw that this revealed a low rating by other's, and it did lack the gore, or outlandish FX, some feel compelled a prerequisite to give a good rating I'm not one. Sometimes less is more, and I feel the analogies used from William Shakespeare more than compensated for the above mentioned lack of gore/or high dollar FX. There are some truly disturbing moments that you use your imagination to fill in, and that's what makes it special !! Along with the propensity to use the analogies used from W. Shakespeare, and apply them to the Warden, and the guard's of D Block before Charlie's arrival. Because with one exception, everyone gets their just desserts, except for one. I'm not saying whom, or why else why even watch it ?? I will say I plan on watching it again at some point, and look forward to doing so !! Feel free to tell me what you think !!

Reviewed by zac-68274 1 / 10 / 10

The Writers & Amateur Actors Should Be In Alcatraz

Really Bad!!! Clown makeup, Fake lightning ,and a dirty room doesn't make this a horror movie.

Reviewed by dlipe 1 / 10 / 10

The worst movie i have seen in years

Do Not waste your time if I could give it less than 1 I would

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