The Haunting of Alice D


Horror / Thriller

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April 7, 2019


Chanel Ryan as Sarah
Juan Riedinger as Smalls
Kane Hodder as Jon Roy
Sarah Nicklin as Amber
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Platypuschow 2 / 10 / 10

Alice D: Another dire addition to the on/off franchise

Alice D otherwise known as The Haunting of Alice D otherwise known as Tainted otherwise known as American Poltergeist 6 is terrible horror that I'm still reeling from so bear with me. It tells the story of a group of friends in a refurbished mansion that decide to have a party, and by party I mean invite some prostitutes round and that's basically it. Sadly the house has a history as one of their great grandfathers used it as a brothel where unspeakable things took place. Starring horror legend Kane Hodder and wrestling veteran Al Snow this is a dire piece of stupidity that fails to ever get started. It's a haunting type but don't expecting much to actually happen. You know most found footage haunting films where it's 99% talking then suddenly everything happens at once and it's still not very good? It's like that, but it's not found footage. It looks ugly, everything about it is uninspired and I'm shocked Hodder agreed to do this. A messy devoid of redeeming features steaming pile of otter dung. The Good: ..........I'll get back to you on that The Bad: Manages to be really rather boring Pretty much everything

Reviewed by mjsreg 2 / 10 / 10

Truly Terrible

If you think things will get better after the opening scene - they won't. The only reason I have given this one star is because some of the acting isn't bad. Every other aspect is TERRIBLE. A director who doesn't know how to direct - camera operator(s) who have no idea about lenses or the basic operation of a camera - a sound recordist/boom who has no idea of how to capture decent sound - a lighting director who has no idea of lighting. This is a mess. The colour grading is bad. The editing is bad. The story never really gets going - and goes nowhere very fast. Even if you have some spare time you would get more entertainment from watching back to back commercials for 85 minutes - I joke not!

Reviewed by ghostberry 2 / 10 / 10

Warning - movie is full of crap

There is something really annoying in this movie, beside the sheer fact that it exists. So this guy throws a wild party, but trust me when I say, this is the most boring party ever. Why? No freaking music. The sound manager botched the movie even more by amplifying the noises (kisses, walking sounds, hitting) while the dialogue is toned down. Very unprofessional. Then we come to the acting. I give it a solid F. Effects are non-existent. The guy in charge of killings is obviously very shy cuz all killings happen off-screen. Then they show you the bodies smeared with cheap ketchup. Well, I barely finished watching this movie, and already having trouble remembering much, so I'll draw the line here. If you respect and value your time, skip that floater.

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