The Heavenly Kid


Comedy / Fantasy / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.4 10 4,141


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September 11, 2020



Jason Gedrick as Lenny Barnes
Lewis Smith as Bobby Fantana
Mark Metcalf as Joe Barnes
Richard Mulligan as Rafferty
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lmy4 10 / 10 / 10

Light hearted comedy/love story

I have loaned this to my friends (and their kids) of many ages and all have really enjoyed it. The sketch about the "spazola" had me in stitches although not politically correct these days Also, catch a look at Richard Mulligan as Rafferty (the man from "Soap" I'm told) I believe this film is very underrated but Sadly it is seldom seen on English TV apart from occasionally on Sky. However, should you ever get a chance to watch it...I would thoroughly recommend it ! It has sadness, humour, sex (A little), comedy and a story which is more than a lot of films these days. And..... The whole family can sit down together and enjoy it

Reviewed by theresa-30 10 / 10 / 10

Excellent family movie

I have two sons who have watched this movie over and over. I enjoyed watching it with them. Even their dad watched it and enjoyed it. Yes, it is a family movie - If you are looking for a good movie that leaves you feeling good, this is it. The actors are excellent - WE JUST ENJOYED IT! Thanks.

Reviewed by journey794 10 / 10 / 10

Better than you'd think-laugh out loud hilarious...

This film is an unknown classic. I caught it one time on vacation and rented promptly afterwards. Sure, it has a few plot holes here and there, but please-what movie doesn't? Seriously, has anybody looked at the "goofs" section for other movies? Come on! It's a teen movie which should have been released in this day and generation would appreciate it much more. My friends and I were rolling on the floor during such parts as *spoiler* when Bobby and Lenny get high, or when Lenny thinks he's so studly after he's "scored". There are also sweet moments when *spoiler* Bobby reunites with his old girlfriend Emily (he died in a car crash in the '60s and has come back as an angel to protect Lenny so he can get into heaven...not exactly on the line with my beliefs...but anyways) who is Lenny's mom...and we find out later *spoiler* that Bobby is Lenny's dad. Very cute-Bobby is willing to go "downtown" (Hell) for his shows true character and heartfelt love. Beautiful soundtrack, beautiful plot, beautiful movie.

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