The Helicopter Spies


Action / Drama / Thriller

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David McCallum as Assistant Wireless Operator Harold Bride
John Dehner as Jules Tulane
Robert Vaughn as Dick Lecter
Sid Haig as Hays
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by w22nuschler 10 / 10 / 10

Carol Lynley looking gorgeous in those mini skirts

I just got the Man From U.N.C.L.E. collection for Christmas. I have seen the movies before and knew they were all really good. I had forgotten how good the action, stories and humor are in the films. All 8 films are basically 2 part shows from the series. A few of the earlier films added some extra footage for the theatrical release. Solo & Illya are wonderful as always, especially Illya. I like David Mccallum a lot because he seems to be a real good guy in real life. I cannot finish the review without mentioning Carol Lynley. She never looked more beautiful in any show or film. And as another reviewer said, she wears some really short mini-skirts. She has maybe the best pair of legs in show business. Check her out in Once You Kiss a Stranger. It's available on the Warner Brothers Archive Site. She walks around in a green bikini for a good part of the film. She showed that she has a great looking body from top to bottom!

Reviewed by Sycotron 8 / 10 / 10

Woman from M.I.N.I.

Very good Man from U.N.C.L.E. movie. Nice sets. Good action. And Carol Lynley in the shortest skirt I've ever seen on a 1960's tv show.

Reviewed by jamesraeburn2003 8 / 10 / 10

"Hard-hitting spin off from the classic Man From UNCLE series"

Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuriyakin hire notorious safe cracker Luther Sebastian (Bradford Dillman) who helps them recover a Thermal Prism from a crazed scientist in Iran. However, Sebastian is the leader of a mystic cult called "The Third Way" who believe that they will inherit the Earth when their elderly leader (John Carradine) speaks for the first time in twenty years. Sebastian steals the weapon for himself along with a United States government rocket so that he can launch the prism into orbit and demand that the "Third Way" have control of the world. Solo and Kuriyakin race against time to prevent the megalomaniac Sebastian for fulfilling his evil designs. THE HELICOPTER SPIES is the seventh big-screen spin off from the popular MAN FROM UNCLE spy series. It was compiled from a season four two-part episode called THE PRINCE OF DARKNESS AFFAIR. However, in the countries where it was released theatrically, the TV version wasn't transmitted thus making it a completely new story for the overseas market. After the clumsy slapstick antics of THE KARATE KILLERS (see my review), THE HELICOPTER SPIES marked a welcome return to form with director Boris Sagal bringing a hard hitting approach to the nonsensical material. The pace is fast and entertaining and there are some fine action scenes including the theft of a rocket from a train involving some neat work with helicopters. Bradford Dillman makes a great villain while Robert Vaughn and David McCallam are their usual impressive selves as Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuriyakin. The only downside is that the low budget occasionally shows.

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