The Hiding Place


Biography / Drama / History / War

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Arthur O'Connell as Casper ten Boom, 'Papa'
Eileen Heckart as Katje
Julie Harris as Betsie ten Boom
Nigel Hawthorne as Pastor De Ruiter
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by laurajaykay 8 / 10 / 10

A wonderful film

This is another Holocaust story that is well worth watching. It is the true story of 50+ year old Corrie ten Boom, her older siblings and their father all devout Christians. Their love and faith prompt them to be part of the Dutch underground and to hide Jews in their home. For this they are sent to prison. The rest of the film centers on Corrie and her sister Betsie. They endure the hardships of the prison camp by remaining true to the teachings of Christ. The movie is well made and acted and not at all "preachy". As with all movies they did make some changes from the book. However the basic story was kept intact. I did not understand the change in the character called "Eusie". Some beautiful lines in the book were changed or left out. The most notable is when it is pointed out to Papa ten Boom that if they kept a Jewish mother and baby they could "lose your lives for this Jewish child". Papa takes the baby and says "I would consider that the greatest honor that could come to our family." The scene was in the movie but not that line. Eileen Heckert did an especially fine job as a fellow prisoner who has become hardened by prison life but still retains her humanity. Arthur O'Connell plays Papa ten Boom with grace, dignity and warmth. Julie Harris seems to really be Betsie. Newcomer Jeanette Clift is excellent in the lead role of Corrie. I don't think one has to be a Christian to enjoy this movie. I did think the book was better and I encourage everyone to read the book. The movie is very good too and I highly recommend it. The movie does not contain any gory scenes or scenes that would be overly upsetting for children learning about the Holocaust. It should be watched with a parent.

Reviewed by spirithorse-3 10 / 10 / 10

Amazing "Impact" story!!

My grandmother took me to see this movie when it was released. I was a child and had not studied the holocaust yet but, even though I only saw this movie one time, I have never forgotten it. It takes a very special movie/story to have such an impact-especially on a child. Over the years, I've thought of this story often but I haven't ever seen it anywhere (TV, video store, etc...). It's a shame this movie hasn't been kept "alive" through re-makes and/or re-runs--It certainly deserves to be given the same respect and attention as "The Diary of Anne Frank" and "Schindler's List"! I'd love to see it again--even though I'd need a much bigger box of tissues this time!

Reviewed by colin-399 10 / 10 / 10

Hard hitting

Hello it is me again. I am biased because I was actually in the film itself as an extra. I played one of the Capos ( privileged prisoners ). Mr.Collier was a wonderful man, very kind and understanding to those of us who had never been an extra before. I have always appreciated what people like The Ten Boons did during the war so that all of us could live in peace afterwards, it is just a shame the young of today do not feel the same way. I was born a year before the war ended and I can remember I was 4years old before my late Father met me. Anyway I am digressing. I was living in Brighton England at the time when I saw the advert in local paper for film extras. I and many others went for auditions and were selected. The strange thing was, that the second half of the film (Ravensbruk Concentration Camp for Women) was actually filmed in the Army Camp in Lingfield Surrey where I did my basic training. In England the womens army is known as Womens Royal Army Corp or WRACS for short and Lingfield at the time was the base. It is, I believe now at Mill Hill in London. The first half of film was done in Holland and Lingfield was to represent the camp in Germany. It was strange being back there because after there, I was posted to Somerset (next county to where I now Live) to learn how to drive. On leaving the army to get married I then moved back to Brighton with my Husband and then to Lingfield to do the film. Normally film extras are only kept on for a few days but Jim Collier was so impressed with the batch of us from Brighton he kept us on till the end of the film nearly 6 weeks. Mr.Ten Boom was a watchmaker played by that wonderful actor Arthur O Connel Betsi was Julie Harris and Corrie Ten Boon herself came to England to meet us all and to thank us for telling their story of how they hid Jews from the Nazis were caught and sent to the camps where Betsi died of Septisemia,I think it was. I learned a few secrets of special effects and enjoyed every minute I was there sometimes not getting home till 3 in the morning. The torture scenes were so realistic I had to pinch myself because sometimes I forgot it was a movie. I could go on and on about it but I wont suffice to say it is, like many true war stories very hard hitting and cuts to the bone. We went to London to see the Premier at Mr. colliers expense and it was wonderful . I also met Sir Cliff Richard (for second time in my life) because he part funded it being a born again Christian. One can now rent the video but at the time shortly after it was released I wrote to Jim Collier at Burbank Studios thanking him for letting me be a small part of his film. It was then that Mrs. Collier wrote back to me saying her Husband had died. I was sad to hear of this but she said her Husband had told her how well we had done and that he would have been proud to have same extras again in any future films had he lived. I still have her letter to this day. Just one more thing. It was WWfilms that did the SFX on The Ten Commandments (a film I have) and I know how they parted the Red Sea. People should go and see this film. Yes it does drag on for the first half hour but oh! my! it soon hits you hard after that. Yours sincerely Liz (short for Elizabeth) Mckenzie

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