The Hollywood Knights



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Fran Drescher as Virginia Mason
Joyce Hyser as Brenda Weintraub
Michelle Pfeiffer as Tally Atwater
Tony Danza as Tom Acton
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stretchrunner 9 / 10 / 10

Halloween hilarity in LA in 1965

If you're looking for a fun way to spend an hour and a half, plug this movie in, kick back and be prepared to laugh yourself silly. This film basically has no plot save for the fact that Tubby's Drive-in is shutting down and the Hollywood Knights converge there for one last hurrah. Most of their hijinks take place elsewhere however, but Tubby's is their hangout. The movie is a series of comedy sketches rather than a straightforward progression. The cast plays their roles to the hilt led by the frenetic stylings of Robert Wuhl (Newbomb). Also outstanding are Stuart Pankin as Dudley (the much-maligned honor student), and Gailard Sartain and Sandy Helberg as Officers Bimbeau and Clark. One point I notice in other reviews and which I have to agree wholeheartedly with is that the subplots featuring Tony Danza/Michelle Pfeiffer and Jimmy Shine/Vietnam both contrive to slow the film down. This can be excused though, thanks to such gems as Newbomb's rendition of Volare, the one-armed violinist and the catered reception. Bottom line: it's a lewd and crude laugh-riot!!!

Reviewed by Damonfordham 10 / 10 / 10

Leave your brains at the door and laugh

Folks, this is not a movie to be judged or rated by ordinary or serious standards as you would "I Am Legend" or "Gone With The Wind." Admittedly, this is a typical early 1980s (set in the 1960s) teen trash and laugh fests crudely mixed together from "Animal House" and "American Graffiti." No real plot, a thousand different things happen at once to group of wild teenagers (played by numerous soon-to-be's) who pull crazy pranks on Halloween Night 1965. However, if you are not of the overly-sensitive politically correct crowd or watching this with (very) young children, this film is FUNNY! The gaseus rendition of "Volare", wild catch-phrases (his pants fit him like a glove, Lawrence, Lawrence of Arabia, et. al) and senseless raunch makes this ideal for firing up the DVD player while your buddies are over for beer and pizza. Don't expect to find the meaning of life in this one.

Reviewed by TonyBeazley 10 / 10 / 10

One of the best films of 1980 -Great cast of actors

I I still love this movie after 24 years. This show was to take place during Viet Nam era. I would say this is a movie for guys. Good looking muscle cars throughout the show. Hey they even cruise the burger joint !!!!! Good Motown music throughout. This show is the ultimate in high school pranks. Great cast of actors. Unbelievable what teenagers can get into when they're away from home. There are some very good moments of "growing up" in this film. Some one leaving to go to Viet Nam not sure if he'll come back to see his friends, so he hangs out with them the night before he leaves. The usual boy falls in love with girl ,then girl leaves for college stuff. Some good street drag scenes. A high school initiation quest. There are a lot more stories in this very well scripted film that are all TOO real. If you ever wondered what your parents did in the sixties then you need to watch the fun they had. It really did look like a blast. This is a must see! MY FAVORITE CHARACTER: Newbomb Turk

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