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Idris Elba as Macavity
Jason Clarke as Carl Henderson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by M MALIK 2 / 10 / 10

Embarrassing Moment For Idris Elba & Paz Vega

calling this a film would be insult to cinema i would say in my opinion as this is such a terrible project that it deserves a zero percent rating & should be on bottom in IMDb charts. first of all if anyone is looking for some hot sex or good story here then get ready to be disappointed as its got none here just some kissing scenes are included that's that's all,i am not going to waste my time talking about the plot its written here go read it yourself. the characters are awfully written here all the actors got wasted here Jason Clarke doing here he ruined it much more this guy can't act at all so i don't care for his role he was just way too over the top loud in his performance here but what the hell were Idris Elba & Paz Vega doing here these two are method actors & masters in their field when word acting comes to mind,Idris Elba is amazing guy he got wasted here as for Paz Vega my god what has Hollywood done to this Spanish beauty is just sad,she is really really wasting her talents in Hollywood she will never have a career like Penelope Cruz or Salma Hayek in Hollywood her Spanish films are true classics it is really sad to see her giving her best performance in this lame film but it just doesn't work,she plays a character called Michael here hello are these filmmakers joking or what Michael is a terrible character name for a female specially when you have the hottest actress in the world like Paz Vega in the cast. the story goes nowhere the chemistry never works between actors i repeat not characters the actors they felt uncomfortable when filming this it easily shows. may i ask where did the camera go that Paz Vega used to record the sexy kissing scene of Jason Clarke inside limousine what is that story angle i though she was going to use it to frame him later & a big twist was coming in the name of revenge but boy i was wrong,all that 50 shades of Grey type nonsense these people were pulling on each other was useless. the final confrontation between Julian & Michael is hilarious when Jason Clarke punches Paz Vega & she goes flying crashes into the nearby table then instead of getting up she sticks a pen inside her leg hurting herself for no reason & bleeding out. anyway the point remains is the human contract is a pointless film Jada Pinket Smith is a better actress she should remain one & never direct movies storytelling is not her thing. The Human Contract 2008 is embarrassment for the whole cast specially Idris Elba & Paz Vega such fine actors should never sign this type of film contract without reading the script my rating is 2/10.Skipp It

Reviewed by Kris McCarthy 6 / 10 / 10

Where did this movie come from

I was really shocked by how much I loved this movie. I am a new fan of Jason Clarke so I'm watching all his films and this movie came out of nowhere. Jason Clarke is just delicious in this movie, he's an amazingly talented actor and hits all the emotional highs and lows. Plays the part of corporate big shot just as perfectly as the broken son. Paz Vega is the definition of a Bombshell in every sense. Stunning doesn't do her justice and if the movie couldn't be anymore well casted, Idris Elba....BOOM. With all that good there has to be something bad, Jada Pinkett-Smith. Stay behind the camera where you belong. She wrote an amazing movie, casted it to the max and ruined it by being in the movie with a useless storyline. But anyways, I really liked it and recommend it to anyone for a good dark drama. I had no idea how it was going to play out, could have run the mill like the rest but it went in a different refreshing direction.

Reviewed by videorama-759-859391 6 / 10 / 10

A contract you shouldn't feel obliged to view, if only for Clarke

I didn't really know what to make of this film. It's like one story ends and another one begins, as though the handling of the story/script wasn't given discipline. It's hard to believe this type of story was written by Jada Pinkett, a really good black actress, I admired for years. Clarke's performance, with his flawless yank accent is the only reason to watch this, though the story does get you in, because you wanna see, where it's gonna go. There is a little sex, yes, some nice shots of lingerie thanks to Paz, but I had myself asking "Where is the story going". I actually thought the successful average looking, if dull, Julian (Clarke) with everything ahead of him was being set up by Vega, like in the car with the menois de trois, where the other chick was filming him, where he then bailed, where she was gonna slowly destroy and take over his business, being an old flame and that. I was way off. I should of stayed with my first impression-Vega was just one of those chicks (suicidal), void of restraint for living life on the wild side. Joanna Cassidy, popping up in this as Clarke's messed up mother, added good support. Too, I did like Clarke's short fuse, his anger problems, where between the possibility of facing a prison sentence or losing his job, had him walking a tightrope. All in all, The Human Contract isn't bad, all flaws aside. In the end, yeah, check out how it ends, it's just a time passer, but involving at the time.

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