The Ice Cream Truck

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by peterp-450-298716 3 / 10 / 10

The result? I fancied an ice cream. That's it.

"Welcome to the neighborhood" What's more applicable with this sultry weather than a horror about a murderous ice cream man? Let me assure you though. Next time you see an ice cream truck, you won't be running away in full panic and loudly screaming. Not after watching this movie at least, because this low-budget movie isn't really scary or frightening. To be honest, I found the ice cream man (Emil Johnsen) a kind of a dork. Even during his killings, he looked rather like a sissy. I'm sure that one well-aimed smack with a scoop, would be enough to hit him unconsciously. And for the most sensitive viewers: don't expect a bloody slaughtering as you could see in "Friday the 13th". There's one thing I was enthusiastic about. And that's the ice cream truck itself. A beautifully maintained pastel tinted old-timer. Even the noise of the engine was a pleasure to hear. So this item also isn't something to be afraid of. Only Mary (Deanna Russo) had her doubts about it, the very first moment the ice cream truck drove by. The only peculiar thing to me was the ridiculous times this truck drove through the neighborhood while playing his childish tune. The whole story focuses on Mary, a so-called freelance writer who apparently has problems with writing some new stuff. So she moved back to a suburb where she once grew up. However, she has to wait a few days before her husband and two children arrive. And during that time she gets to know some of the local people. Like a couple of curious neighbor women and Max (John Redlinger), the son of one of them who just graduated. And also someone from the moving company. A scary, rough looking guy with a huge walrus mustache who acted quite intimidating. They had better promoted him to be the Ice Cream man because he looked like a real terrifying psychopath. You can hardly call this a horror. It's more a story about Mary in her midlife crisis who starts realizing that she isn't a young teen-girl anymore. What you get is a trivial story about a woman whose hormones go berserk again after seeing a young muscular guy whose six-pack reminds her of her student time. To be honest, I didn't think Mary was so bad looking. And in my opinion she's is in real life much younger than the age she has in the movie. Max, on the other hand, looks older. Let's say that Max's acting like a stud and Mary's behavior as a teenybopper take most of the time of this somewhat faint horror. Oh yes, it's a horror. Thus, in addition, some innocent adolescents are being killed as well in between. Almost forgot about that. "The ice cream truck" isn't really a very good movie. It's not terribly bad either. It's a dull would-be slasher. Actually, the film left me cold (how applicable). Fortunately, the acting of the main characters was adequate. The denouement was quite abrupt (and the place Mary decided to hide herself, was absolutely laughable). The makers tried to give it a bit of a horror feeling by thinking of a surprising end. But to be honest there was only one thing the film did to me. I felt like having a huge ice cream with a lot of whipped cream and red fruit on it. As a reward. More reviews here :

Reviewed by stephenw-30180 5 / 10 / 10

No Idea what the point is!

To say this movie is bad is a gross understatement! I love the Horror genre and am always willing to watch anything new and indie. That said, I do try to always give a movie a chance and never write a review without viewing the entire film. Horror/Mystery fans abound, DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME on this pile of dung. First, the acting is terrible. The plot makes no sense, as you will discover at the very end of the film. I think I know what the film maker/s were trying to suggest but won't divulge that and let the potential viewers decide. The character of the "teenage" boy who just graduated and lives next door looks like he's 35! Hello casting agent, you could not find an actual teenager to play this role?? The film meanders throughout in a slow and uninteresting pace. There is not one scare or surprise or shock scene in this mess. I think the only reason the film is called "ice cream Truck" is probably because it's the biggest set subject in the film. Other then, of course, the home the protagonist moves into and you see very little of. I won't give away what I think the story is supposed to amount to.....although I should and prevent anyone from wasting their time on this low budget exercise in boredom. Stray way clear.....!!

Reviewed by michaelsei 5 / 10 / 10

Either this movie is brilliant or I am way over thinking this.

My theory about the finale shot in the movie. I feel that the majority of the movie is Mary's short story/blog that she is writing. However, the very beginning when she has the moving company come to move her stuff in, that is happening in real time. When she goes to the graduation party I feel that she did indeed meet Max and his girlfriend and right there at that moment, before she says yes to smoking with them, that starts her short story. The reason for this can be accounted for the long awkward pauses in dialogue. In real time, Mary is thinking about what to write next and needs time to come up with an action before the characters can continue their stories. The ice cream truck killer can be her subconscious showing that she is having a thrill. Since the killer seems to meet a thrill killer profile. The killer seems to go after people of sexual sin. She knows it's wrong to even imagine and write about having an affair, so the killer can also be a duality. Her thrill and her sin that she is trying to stop. Her short story is about the mundane. The boring and average day to day in a perfect town like Celebration FL. There is no fun, no excitement, nothing that gets your heart pumping. It's all perfect and in line. All the characters seem off and removed from reality. Her thrill (ice cream truck killer) is her way of letting loose and living life again. To confirm all of this goes back to the beginning with the mover. He wanted to sleep with Mary but Mary declined. She was talking on the phone with her husband on how she would start writing but it would fall apart shortly after. She needed inspiration. That is what the mover is to her. A thrill from being attractive and having sexual fun. That's why he showed up at the very end.

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