The Institute



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James Franco as Andy
Josh Duhamel as Lukas
Pamela Anderson as Felicity
Topher Grace as Kurt
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Platypuschow 3 / 10 / 10

The Institute: Yawn

The Institute is a thriller starring James Franco and Eric Roberts and had me bored, frustrated and simply not interested throughout. Based very very very very loosely on a true story it follows a girl who commits herself into an asylum after a tragedy only to find out that nefarious dealings go on within its walls. Franco not only stars but directs here and many don't realize he's been directing for over a decade now! I just personally don't think he's very good at it, and quite frankly I don't like seeing him in front of the camera either. I get what the movie is doing and the concept is passable enough, sadly the execution is lacking and meanders through its 90 minute runtime at a grindy boring pace. It has its moments and that finale was quite inspired but entertaining? Hardly. I'm sure had we known the truth about what truth happened in the real Rosewood center that would have been for a more interesting tale. The Good: Decent finale The Bad: Simply unlikable James Franco Things I Learnt From This Movie: I'll never understand why people adapt true stories and turn them into fiction anyway I don't like James Franco's face

Reviewed by Slightly_Handy 4 / 10 / 10

I don't understand why this movie has such a bad rating

If I had to guess, it is probably because James Franco fans watched it because he was in it, without knowing what to expect, and were unpleasantly surprised. It wasn't a terrible movie. It had been a while since I've watched it but the only reason I'm even on the IMDb page is because I was thinking about downloading it again to watch it with my wife (who doesn't like scary movies, but does like movies about crazy people, go figure) and she wanted to read some reviews. After reading the reviews, and then us downloading it and watching the movie anyway, I decided that I had to come back to let people know, I enjoyed it the second time, and my wife loved the movie (she wanted me to give it a 9) so I guess, make up your own mind. All I know is, the 4.0 rating doesn't do it justice!

Reviewed by LeonLouisRicci 4 / 10 / 10

Muddy Looking Movie About Upper Class Decadence & Sexual Criminal Deviants

Gloomy Cinematography done by Soft Filters and Sepia Tone Separation from the Natural to give it a 19th Century Feel and t's all done to No Avail because this Story about a Real-Life "Retreat/Convalescent" Institute is Low on Budget and Facts. Not a Complete Failure, but the Muddle is Not Only in the Look but with the Intrigue so Shallow as to be Non Existent. There is quite a Lot of Gore and some Torture both Mental and Physical. The Side Story of the Brother's Investigation is Unfortunately Underused and aside from the Opening Credit Sequence is the Best Part of this Dismal Melodrama. Individual Scenes Stand Out among the Complete Film but there is No There here and it is Surprisingly Flat for such a Horrific Situation. The Movie seems Half-Hearted and Exploitative and in the End is a Wasted Effort if there was any Effort at all from the Producers. Note...James Franco...Can you say over exposure? Apparently not.

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