The Invisible Men


Documentary / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gabriel-nmsu 10 / 10 / 10

A sensitive documentary that deserves to be seen.

Yariv Mozer was willing to go against Israeli law in interviewing his subjects; on the other hand, his contracts with them required that they be in a safe situation in order for their faces to be shown. To get an idea of just how dangerous it is go be gay in the West Bank, the interviewees were unwilling to give the names of men they had been involved with, even one who was dead! We are permitted to see how NGO's are able to achieve the impossible in getting around inter/national laws and customs in finding safe havens for these men, but also to see how much it costs the men to make the transition.

Reviewed by numberone_1 / 10

Outstanding documentary

A difficult subject matter, but one that needs to be filmed, told, and played over and over again. Well done, poignant, grim, but absolutely worth watching.

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