The Journey of August King



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Eric Mabius as John Flemming
Jason Patric as August King
Lee Norris as Silver Boy
Thandie Newton as Rosemary
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by HOBBES1971 10 / 10 / 10

I couldn't close my eyes.

I stumbled upon this piece of art on my way to bed. 3:39am is not late at all for a film such as this. August King detailed courage and conviction in the most vulnerable way imaginable. Witnessing this man endure all to the benefit of another, under the most trying of circumstances, offered more in cinema than any three films I can immediately recall. Jason Patric has always impressed me, but now has my loyalties as a viewer. This film brings to light the inner struggles of every decision we must make in this life, and our acceptance of the consequences. The "Journey" compels one to ponder whether we do enough for the sake of selflessness. August King risks and loses all to lend a hand in starting life anew for a young runaway slave (mastered by Thandie Newton -- a performance and character not soon forgotten by me). Through every twist and turn, August willingly suffers the sorrows of his devotion to an unpopular cause. He challenges his own convictions to do what instinctively seems right. In the end, his pride was enough to convince me of the value of sometimes following your heart. If you have time or if you don't, stay awake and take this journey. This one just made my list. And my list is very short. Is this a film I recommend? No, this is a film I insist.

Reviewed by terryhaywood 8 / 10 / 10

A beautiful film, highlighting the complex relationships between black and white in the pre civil war south

This is a BEAUTIFUL film, both in its cinematography and in its story. It is not, as one reviewer put it, about a man who falls in love with his dead wife's servant. It is about a man who risks all to aid a young runaway slave (no relationship to him or his wife). This is a powerful film about a man's struggle to follow his conscience despite a world that insists he do otherwise. I can't believe that until today (Aug 3, 2003), I had not seen this film. Too bad movies like this aren't made more often. Excellent acting, writing, directing, cinematography. A++

Reviewed by leecain 8 / 10 / 10

Mountains of Beauty

Wow, If you love history, this is as real as it gets. What a journey, I felt like I was right there with them. I first saw this movie on HBO. I watched several times. What sacrifices that had to be. I promise you will enjoy. One of the best authors of North Carolina knew to come back home. Our mountains are filled with such wonderful stories of pioneers struggling to fit in with neighbors, families mingling beliefs and faith. Our forefathers have been in Buncombe county since Revolution days. With little access to this area, it has until recently been untouched with modernization. Our people were simple but lived as Kings. Jason Patric was wonderful in this movie. I am a fan.

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