The Jungle Book

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John Qualen as Old Ben
Mel Blanc as Drunken Witness
Rosemary DeCamp as Aunt Lucille
Sabu as Mowgli
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lanimag 8 / 10 / 10

Classic Story and Great Cinema

This is a Movie adaption of a Tale written by the famous Rudyard Kipling a fellow of English Blood who was born and Raised in the foothills of the Himalayas in India. CINEMATOGRAPHY GREAT. The BEGINNING of the MOvie is a wonderful scene of Wildlife. This is a colored film but has the resolution of black and white, so I am guessing was quite a cinematographers delight in the day. IF you can get a good quality version and watch it on a really good flat TV or better yet an HD CRT, you will get the richness of the movie. SO much of it is dark spaces. MUSIC was very nice. NOt quite Indian, somewhat orchestral, and interesting mix of what seems like very original music, carries the film wonderfully. Folksy and majestic at the same time, fitting to the story!! ACTING very good. Solid acting , nothing stupendous, some nice subtle performances within. Most of this movie is carried by the story and the action. SCENES are generally small, and very cozy, almost like a stage play ,from a modern perspective. I get hungry for sandwiches when i watch this movie. for you in Cold Weather climates, watch this movie in the WINTER!!! This is an ACTION ADVENTURE movie with Political and Dramatic Strings, an Deservingly classic tale, and this movie is quite well made. CULTURALLY & ETHNICALLY sensitive people who object to a lot of stuff may have some internal issues to defeat to enjoy this movie, but other than that, it is an Epic Story made into a great adventure movie. T H A N K S F O R R E A D I N G ! ! ! !

Reviewed by LeonLouisRicci 7 / 10 / 10

Overlooked and UnderratedÂ…Marvelous Magnificent Production

A Near Flawless Fantasy Full of Magnificent Matte Work, Glorious Technicolor, an Intense Lead Performance from Sabu, Fantastic Animal Work, and an Almost Seamless Inclusion of a Talking Snake and Other Extravagances. The Movie was Not Ignored at the Oscars Winning Multiple Statues and the Movie was a Success at the Box Office. But Over the Years it Somehow got Ignored and Relegated to the Background and has been Overlooked and Pushed Aside by Inferior Movies with Similar Themes. To Add Insult to the Injurious Injustices, the Movie Fell into Public Domain and During the Home Video Revival of Old Movies it was Blasphemously Released on Highly Inferior Tapes and Discs that Diminished the Spectacular Production Values and Artistic Merit. Then there was the Disney Animated Version that also Made This Somehow Irrelevant and the Film has been in the Netherlands of the Public Consciousness and Hardly Well Known. But it is a Wonderful Achievement and Deserves to be Rediscovered and Brought Back and Regarded as a Masterpiece of Movie Making and Marvelous Entertainment for All Ages.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 7 / 10 / 10

looks good in Technicolor

In an Indian village, elderly storyteller Buldeo tells a story of his youth to a passing British lady. Shere Khan the tiger attacked just as the villagers are about to start a new settlement. The man's cub survives the attack and wonders into a wolves' den. Mowgli is then raised by the wolf family. All the jungle is his playground except for Shere Khan. Twelve years later, he investigates the village and is captured by the villagers. His birth mother Messua doesn't recognize him but takes him in anyways as her own. Buldeo is adamant against the boy who he sees as evil like the rest of the jungle. On the other hand, Buldeo's daughter Mahala is fascinated with Mowgli. Mowgli takes Mahala back into the jungle to meet the wolves. She finds the King's Palace in the jungle and his treasure chamber guarded by the ancient father of the cobras. Despite the cobra's warning, she takes one coin which is discovered by her father. This looks terrific in Technicolor although the village doesn't look as good as the jungle. All the animal footage is very fascinating. The animals look great in color. The treasure chamber is also quite nice with the ancient city. It's most commendable that they cast an Indian boy as Mowgli. The animal characters don't have quite as much of a presence as the Disney cartoon. This is a little more grown up than the cartoon. It deals with some fairly adult subject matters. Overall, the story moves along with enough thrills and is a fun treat from another era. Although the ending feels like it ran on for a little too long.

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