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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Smells_Like_Cheese 10 / 10 / 10

Such a great movie, very under rated

One of my favorite childhood memories of all time, the live action Jungle Book, in 1967 we had a classic animated movie of the same title, it's a great movie, has fun music and terrific characters. When my family bought the movie The Jungle Book, I don't think they realized the surprise that we got when we just enjoyed watching this film. It's strange because this is made a little more for the grown up crowd vs. the children, but still I absolutely loved The Jungle Book and every time I see it, I admire it a little more for different reasons. The story, the setting, the actors, I don't know what it was about this film that I just love so much, but it holds a special place in my heart. In the Victorian period, Mowgli is the five-year-old son of a wilderness guide who accompanies his father on a hunting trip in the jungles of their native India. Mowgli becomes close friends with a British girl named Kitty Brydon, whose father, Colonel Geoffrey Brydon, commissioned the hunt. When Shere Khan attacks the camp and kills Mowgli's father, the boy and the wolf are lost in the confusion and are left to fend for themselves. Bagheera finds them and leads Mowgli to the wolf pack. Mowgli is befriended by the animals of the jungle including Baloo the bear cub, and they develop an unspoken bond as the growing boy learns to survive. While in the wild, the Bander-Log steal the bracelet Kitty gave him. Years later, after growing to adulthood, Mowgli once again encounters Kitty, who still lives in India with her father and her arrogant and deceitful suitor, Captain William Boone. Kitty and Mowgli recognize each other, and while his powers of speech are rusty, Kitty reintroduces Mowgli to civilization with the help of Dr. Julius Plumford and Mowgli introduces Kitty to his friends in the jungle. However, after spending most of his life in the jungle, Mowgli does not feel at home among the rude and snobbish aristocrats who are friends with Kitty's family. He falls in love with Kitty, but wants to go back to the jungle and to be with his real family. The Jungle Book is an incredibly good movie that I highly recommend. It has great laughs, like watching Mowgli learning how to becoming "civilized" in society with the help of Dr. Plumford and seeing how Plumford is also trying to learn from Mowgli how to be in touch with nature. I loved to love story between Mowgli and Kitty, it was so lovely and their kiss was one of those sappy moments that got a big "Awww!!!" from me. Then there's one of the saddest movie moments ever, when Baloo gets shot and Mowgli finds him and just lies with him crying, then Dr. Plumford reveals Baloo at the end of the movie and I cry in joy, they had me on so many rollar coaster rides of emotions. But seriously if you haven't seen this movie, I would recommend it very much, it's a very special film and deserves more recognition. 10/10

Reviewed by ccthemovieman-1 8 / 10 / 10

A Solid Version Of The Classic Story

This was pretty solid adventure story with colorful backgrounds of a the country of India and jungle scenery. Jason Scott Lee as "Mowgli" is interesting to watch in the lead. Lee is an intriguing actor. He has an Asian background, but has played an Eskimo, here in Indian and other nationalities in other films. He is one of the more diverse actors I've ever seen, yet he isn't well-known. Cary Elwes is usually effective as a villain. He has the acting talent that makes him easy to despise! The animals are fun, too, from Mowgli's friends in the jungle to the monkeys and giant snake guarding the lost caves with the treasure. Nicely filmed and a good adventure story for everyone.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 8 / 10 / 10

Lusciously filmed, with slick pacing, good performances and terrific music; while just lacking the 1967 film's charm, it is truer to the book, worthwhile and very underrated

I'd better start off saying how much I love the 1967 animated film. I just loved how original, funny and light-hearted it all was. This film doesn't quite have the charm of the 1967 film, and there are some parts like the animal mauling that I found rather intense. Wilkin's death comes to mind. But there is so much that compensates; it is actually truer to the book than the 1967 film was and it is definitely worthwhile. I also think it is very underrated, the look of the film and the music should've at least guaranteed a 7.0 rating on IMDb, and whether I bring this film up to people the general impression is that a)they haven't seen it, b)it is inferior to the 1967 film or c)they hate it full stop. I admit it I do prefer the animation, as I grew up with it, but I really like this version as well. The animals are very well trained, I liked how wise Baloo was and Shere Kahn gave a good amount of menace whenever he was on screen. The film looks absolutely stunning, the cinematography is striking, the forests are lush and the waterfalls are sparkling. The costumes are fabulous, Kitty's dresses are to die for, and Lena Headey I must say looked gorgeous. The music from Basil Pouledoris, who also composed the music for the Hunt For Red October, is sweeping and rousing, and the pace and direction are slick. The performances are fine too, Jason Scott Lee is likable as Mowgli, John Cleese is wonderfully benevolent as Dr Plumford, and Cary Elwes makes a suave, handsome and charismatic villain. In conclusion, very good and underrated film. 8/10 Bethany Cox

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