The Killer Downstairs



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December 12, 2020


Alison Araya as Detective Reynolds
Ben Wilkinson as Travis
Cindy Busby as Noelle
Marcus Rosner as Mayor Robbie Buckley
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by phd_travel 8 / 10 / 10

Quite relevant Lifetime thriller

Quite well done. This pretty current Lifetime thriller has lots going on. Cindy Busby plays a lawyer fallen on hard times and working in Costco like place. She rents out her basement. A seemingly nice man without his family as expected. Meanwhile she is sexually harassed by her boss. From the title you can expect he is the wacko in sheep's clothing. Cindy Busby is quite suited to the role -looks smart. The look of this movie and the acting and cast are above average for Lifetime thrillers.

Reviewed by Kristamw 8 / 10 / 10


Writing Quality: Unoriginal script, but it works well. Great acting by the MC. The villain is one of those typical extremely fixated on "bad behavior" villains. That is, even though James, the villain, has a good woman, Alison, a beautiful home to live in, etc,. he chooses to hone in on anyone he deems unacceptable or in the way of his relationship with Alison. Which makes his behavior, of course, creepy and unpredictable. Scare Factor: There are a few kill scenes in this one, and they happen suddenly. The scariest part occurs in the finale, where everything comes to a head. Content (sex, language, & violence): A sex scene that shows just the implication of something about to happen. Mild language. Violence is swift except in the end where there is a lot of tussling between James and Alison for an amazing and captivating showdown. Values & Themes: Sexual harassment, protecting from harm, second chances, best friends looking out for each other Best Part: An intense satisfying ending

Reviewed by KurtGScott 8 / 10 / 10

too typical but realistic and more extreme than other lifetime movies

I liked that this one is bit more extreme. I liked the saying "what a horrible way to die" which indicates how extreme this movie is. It's very similar to all other lifetime movies which are all realistic and about love. I liked the reality part such as something we can find ourselves in real life such as jobs, friends, criminals. I did not like the ending which could have progressed to much more story if main characters decided to go along with each other. Instead movies was finished in too typical approach with even bit unrealistic death avoidance and twists at the end. The end was unfortunately the quickest and the most unrealistic and most typical part of this movie.

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