The Kissing Booth 2


Comedy / Romance

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August 4, 2020



Dylan Edy as Harvard Friend 4
Joey King as Self - Presenter
Meganne Young as Rachel
Molly Ringwald as Darcy Elliot Bobrucz
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by conormaynardily 1 / 10 / 10


Firstly why was this 2 hours long??? Secondly why was it that bad, but ended on such a cliff hanger?? My advise would be give this one a miss...

Reviewed by junziuk 5 / 10 / 10

Just another typical Netflix romance movie...

This may be shocking for you, but I actually found the first movie of this franchise quite enjoyable. However, in the sequel, The Kissing Booth loses all of its quirky charms, which replaced by factors that makes a typical Netflix coming of age romance movie, cliche and predictable.

Reviewed by tasnimaxuddin 5 / 10 / 10

You know what's gonna happen but you watch it anyway

Every teen movie sequel netflix has been chewing out somehow follows the same tropes. Introducing new guy we've never seen before (in TALBILB 2 it was John Ambrose) to shake things up. As the movie progresses the main female grows further apart from her boyfriend due to misunderstandings and what have you and grows closer to the 2nd love interest. They have undeniably chemistry and the movie makes you want to root for them instead of her and her boyfriend. They share a kiss and you think it's a done deal she obviously have feelings for John Ambrose/Marco but no. He's not the one she's in love with after all. The female protagonist realises her feelings in the end (cue running towards each other scene), clears up the misunderstandings and it's happy ever after all over again. The John Ambrose/Marco character's sole purpose is to sway her feelings and in the end make her realise her feelings for Peter/Noah are true and worth fighting for. The fact that Noah's on the film poster and not Marco made it clear from the start that Marco was never going to be the one for Elle. Sigh. I really liked him. What I did like was the friendship between Elle and Lee it's probably the best part of the movies.

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